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    A cohesive law for interfaces in graphene/hexagonal boron nitride heterostructure

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    Graphene/hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) heterostructure has showed great potential to improve the performance of graphene device. We have established the cohesive law for interfaces between graphene and monolayer or multi-layer h-BN based on the van der Waals force. The cohesive energy and cohesive strength are given in terms of area density of atoms on corresponding layers, number of layers, and parameters in the van der Waals force. It is found that the cohesive law in the graphene/multi-layer h-BN is dominated by the three h-BN layers which are closest to the graphene. The approximate solution is also obtained to simplify the expression of cohesive law. These results are very useful to study the deformation of graphene/h-BN heterostructure, which may have significant impacts on the performance and reliability of the graphene devices especially in the areas of emerging applications such as stretchable electronics

    The Expression Levels of XLF and Mutant P53 Are Inversely Correlated in Head and Neck Cancer Cells.

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    XRCC4-like factor (XLF), also known as Cernunnos, is a protein encoded by the human NHEJ1 gene and an important repair factor for DNA double-strand breaks. In this study, we have found that XLF is over-expressed in HPV(+) versus HPV(-) head and neck squamous cell carcinoma (HNSCC) and significantly down-regulated in the HNSCC cell lines expressing high level of mutant p53 protein versus those cell lines harboring wild-type TP53 gene with low p53 protein expression. We have also demonstrated that Werner syndrome protein (WRN), a member of the NHEJ repair pathway, binds to both mutant p53 protein and NHEJ1 gene promoter, and siRNA knockdown of WRN leads to the inhibition of XLF expression in the HNSCC cells. Collectively, these findings suggest that WRN and p53 are involved in the regulation of XLF expression and the activity of WRN might be affected by mutant p53 protein in the HNSCC cells with aberrant TP53 gene mutations, due to the interaction of mutant p53 with WRN. As a result, the expression of XLF in these cancer cells is significantly suppressed. Our study also suggests that XLF is over-expressed in HPV(+) HNSCC with low expression of wild type p53, and might serve as a potential biomarker for HPV(+) HNSCC. Further studies are warranted to investigate the mechanisms underlying the interactive role of WRN and XLF in NHEJ repair pathway

    Enhancing Mixed Traffic Flow Safety Via Connected and Autonomous Vehicle Trajectory Planning with a Reinforcement Learning Approach

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    The longitudinal trajectory planning of connected and autonomous vehicle (CAV) has been widely studied in the literature to reduce travel time or fuel consumptions. The safety impact of CAV trajectory planning to the mixed traffic flow with both CAV and human-driven vehicle (HDV), however, is not well understood yet. This study presents a reinforcement learning modeling approach, named Monte Carlo tree search-based autonomous vehicle safety algorithm, or MCTS-AVS, to optimize the safety of mixed traffic flow, on a one-lane roadway with signalized intersection control. Crash potential index (CPI) is defined to quantitively measure the safety performance of the mixed traffic flow. The CAV trajectory planning problem is firstly formulated as an optimization model; then, the solution procedure based on reinforcement learning is proposed. The tree-expansion determination module and rollout termination module are developed to identify and reduce the unnecessary tree expansion, so as to train the model more efficiently towards the desired direction. The case study results showed that the proposed algorithm was able to reduce the CPI by 76.56%, when compared with a benchmark model without any intelligence, and 12.08%, when compared with another benchmark model that the team developed earlier. These results demonstrated the satisfactory performance of the proposed algorithm in enhancing the safety of the mixed traffic flow

    Dynamics of a Viral Infection Model with General Contact Rate between Susceptible Cells and Virus Particles

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    This paper investigates the dynamic behavior of a viral infection model with general contact rate between susceptible host cells and free virus particles. If the basic reproduction number of the virus is less than unity, by LaSalle’s invariance principle, the disease-free equilibrium is globally asymptotically stable. If the basic reproduction number of the virus is greater than unity, then the virus persists in the host and the endemic equilibrium is locally asymptotically stable

    Euchlorocystis gen. nov and Densicystis gen. nov., Two New Genera of Oocystaceae Algae from High-altitude Semi-saline Habitat (Trebouxiophyceae, Chlorophyta)

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    The Oocystaceae family is generally considered to contain common freshwater eukaryotic microalgae, and few are reported living in semi-saline habitats. Our latest ecological survey in Qinghai Lake and Angzicuo Lake, both large, closed, high-altitude, semi-saline lakes located on the Qinghai-Tibet plateau in China, revealed Oocystaceae species as a dominant group among plankton. Since limited knowledge exists about semi-saline species in the Oocystaceae family, a taxonomical study was carried out using morphological and phylogenetic methods. Using this approach, four new strains of Oocystaceae were identified and successfully cultured in the lab. Molecular results correlated with morphological characters and resolved these species into at least three genera. A new genus, Euchlorocystis, with type species Euchlorocystis subsalina, is described here as having the distinctive morphology of multiple pyrenoids per chloroplast among Oocystaceae, and an independent phylogenetic position at the base of the Oocystaceae. Similarly, the genus Densicystis, with type species Densicystis glomerata, is newly proposed here as having a unique colony morphology of dozens or hundreds of little cells tightly embedded in ellipsoid to round mucilage masses. Oocystis marina, originally described from the Baltic Sea, was also identified in Qinghai Lake and Angzicuo Lake and phylogenetically positioned in the semi-saline clade of the Oocystaceae. The result that a marine species was detected in the closed inland lakes implies a further need to reevaluate the origins of these species.</p

    Electric Field Measurement by Edge Transient Current Technique on Silicon Low Gain Avalanche Detector

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    A novel methodology, named the diffusion profile method, is proposed in this research to measure the electric field of a low gain avalanche detector (LGAD).The proposed methodology utilizes the maximum of the time derivative of the edge transient current technique (edge-TCT) test waveform to quantify the dispersion of the light-induced carriers. This method introduces the estimation of the elongation of the carrier cluster caused by diffusion and the divergence of the electric field force during its drift along the detector. The effectiveness of the diffusion profile method is demonstrated through the analysis of both simulated and measured edge-TCT waveforms. Experimental data was collected from a laser scan performed on an LGAD detector along its thickness direction.A simulation procedure has been developed in RASER (RAdiation SEmiconductoR) to generate signals from LGAD.An assumption of immediate one-step carrier multiplication is introduced to simplify the avalanche process.Simulation results were compared with transient current data at the waveform level and showed a favorable match. Both simulation and experimental results have shown that the diffusion profile method could be applied to certain edge-TCT facilities as an alternative of electric field measurement

    Epidemic characteristics and transmission risk prediction of brucellosis in Xi'an city, Northwest China

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    Human brucellosis (HB) has re-emerged in China since the mid-1990s, and exhibited an apparent geographic expansion shifted from the traditional livestock regions to the inland areas of China. It is often neglected in non-traditional epidemic areas, posing a serious threat to public health in big cities. We carried out a retrospective epidemiological study in Xi'an, the largest city in northwestern China. It utilizes long-term surveillance data on HB during 2008‚Äď2021 and investigation data during 2014‚Äď2021. A total of 1989 HB cases were reported in Xi'an, consisting of 505 local cases, i.e., those located in Xi'an and 1,484 non-local cases, i.e., those located in other cities. Significantly epidemiological heterogeneity was observed between them, mainly owing to differences in the gender, occupation, diagnostic delays, and reporting institutions. Serological investigations suggested that 59 people and 1,822 animals (sheep, cattle, and cows) tested positive for brucellosis from 2014 to 2021, with the annual average seroprevalence rates were 1.38 and 1.54%, respectively. The annual animal seroprevalence rate was positively correlated with the annual incidence of non-local HB cases. Multivariate boosted regression tree models revealed that gross domestic product, population density, length of township roads, number of farms, and nighttime lights substantially contributed to the spatial distribution of local HB. Approximately 7.84 million people inhabited the potential infection risk zones in Xi'an. Our study highlights the reemergence of HB in non-epidemic areas and provides a baseline for large and medium-sized cities to identify regions, where prevention and control efforts should be prioritized in the future
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