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    Decentralized Formation Control with A Quadratic Lyapunov Function

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    In this paper, we investigate a decentralized formation control algorithm for an undirected formation control model. Unlike other formation control problems where only the shape of a configuration counts, we emphasize here also its Euclidean embedding. By following this decentralized formation control law, the agents will converge to certain equilibrium of the control system. In particular, we show that there is a quadratic Lyapunov function associated with the formation control system whose unique local (global) minimum point is the target configuration. In view of the fact that there exist multiple equilibria (in fact, a continuum of equilibria) of the formation control system, and hence there are solutions of the system which converge to some equilibria other than the target configuration, we apply simulated annealing, as a heuristic method, to the formation control law to fix this problem. Simulation results show that sample paths of the modified stochastic system approach the target configuration