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    Since 1980s, the marriage pattern in Taiwan has had a huge change for a large number of female immigrants both from Southeast Asia and Mainland China started to immigrate to Taiwan. It is called “Marriage Migration.” Researches concerning female immigrant spouses’ homeland cultures and familial identities were seldom discussed; however, it is till recent years that the stories of those female immigrants were fully presented/ represented by means of various narratives. For instance, many films, photos, and the contexts exquisitely depict conflicts between female immigrants and their cross-cultural marriages, families, children and even their families of origin. There are three kinds of narratives in immigrants’ writing: oral/confessional narrative, textual narrative, and documentary films. The first is based on female immigrants’ description orally with their own languages and then being translated into Chinese, or they write with simple Chinese. For example, the Taiwanese female artist, Lulu Shur-tzy Hou, played as a medium in depicting seven female immigrant spouses by means of the firstperson monologue in her three episodes Look Toward the Other Side: Song of Asian Foreign Brides in Taiwan (2005-2009). These episodes probed into the question of spouses’ self-identity whilst living in an exotic place. Then, the Textual narrative tends to focus on the mother-daughter relationships and Pepe Wu’s three short stories in Moving Skirts will be discussed. It usually illustrates the mother figures with madness, aphasia, or also absence from home. All mothers are silent without voices. Finally, in the documentary films, Out/Marriage and Let’s not be Afraid display that women not only play as mothers, wives, daughter-in-laws, but as a defenders to protect their rights. This research will explore the following issues in female immigrants from Southeast Asia in Taiwan: (1) cultural and National identities; (2) motherhood and the mother-daughter relationships; (3) narrative writing. It will definitely provide a new perspective in Asian ethic and women’s writing and set up a landmark toward research possibilities of diasporic females studied by the approaches of displacement

    Ground-state properties of interacting two-component Bose gases in a one-dimensional harmonic trap

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    We study ground-state properties of interacting two-component boson gases in a one-dimensional harmonic trap by using the exact numerical diagonalization method. Based on numerical solutions of many-body Hamiltonians, we calculate the ground-state density distributions in the whole interaction regime for different atomic number ratio, intra- and inter-atomic interactions. For the case with equal intra- and inter-atomic interactions, our results clearly display the evolution of density distributions from a Bose condensate distribution to a Fermi-like distribution with the increase of the repulsive interaction. Particularly, we compare our result in the strong interaction regime to the exact result in the infinitely repulsive limit which can be obtained by a generalized Bose-Fermi mapping. We also discuss the general case with different intra- and inter-atomic interactions and show the rich configurations of the density profiles.Comment: 6 pages, 5 figures, references adde

    Exact ground state of the generalized three-dimensional Shastry-Sutherland model

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    We generalize the Shastry-Sutherland model to three dimensions. By representing the model as a sum of the semidefinite positive projection operators, we exactly prove that the model has exact dimer ground state. Several schemes for constructing the three-dimensional Shastry-Sutherland model are proposed.Comment: Latex, 3 pages, 5 eps figure

    Wigner crystal induced by dipole-dipole interaction in one-dimensional optical lattices

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    We demonstrate that the static structure factor, momentum distribution and density distribution provide clear signatures of the emergence of Wigner crystal for the fermionic dipolar gas with strongly repulsive dipole-dipole interactions trapped in one-dimensional optical lattices. Our numerical evidences are based on the exact diagonalization of the microscopic effective lattice Hamiltonian of few particles interacting with long-range interactions. As a comparison, we also study the system with only nearest-neighbor interactions, which displays quite different behaviors from the dipolar system in the regime of strong repulsion.Comment: 5 pages, 5 figure

    Hidden-symmetry-protected topological phases on a one-dimensional lattice

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    We demonstrate the existence of topologically nontrivial phase in a one-dimensional fermionic lattice system subjected to synthetic gauge fields, which is beyond the standard Altland-Zirnbauer classification of topological insulators. The topological phase can be characterized by the presence of degenerate zero-mode edge states or a quantized Berry phase of the occupied Bloch band. By analyzing symmetries of the system, we identify that the topological phase and zero-mode edge states are protected by two hidden symmetries. An extended model with hidden symmetry breaking is also studied in order to reveal the effect of hidden symmetries on the symmetry protected topological phase.Comment: 6 pages, 5 figure
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