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    Comment on "Vortex Liquid Crystal in Anisotropic Type II Superconductors"

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    This is a Comment on "Vortex Liquid Crystal in Anisotropic Type II Superconductors" by E. W. Carlson et al. in PRL, vol.90, 087001 (2003) [cond-mat/0209175].Comment: 2 pages, 1 figure, revised versio

    Generalized rotating-wave approximation to biased qubit-oscillator systems

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    The generalized rotating-wave approximation with counter-rotating interactions has been applied to a biased qubit-oscillator system. Analytical expressions are explicitly given for all eigenvalues and eigenstates. For a flux qubit coupled to superconducting oscillators, spectra calculated by our approach are in excellent agreement with experiment. Calculated energy levels for a variety of biases also agree well with those obtained via exact diagonalization for a wide range of coupling strengths. Dynamics of the qubit has also been examined, and results lend further support to the validity of the analytical approximation employed here. Our approach can be readily implemented and applied to superconducting qubit-oscillator experiments conducted currently and in the near future with a biased qubit and for all accessible coupling strengths