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    Relating AdS6_6 solutions in type IIB supergravity

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    In this note we show that the IIB supergravity solutions of the form AdS6×M4_6\times M_4 found by Apruzzi et al. are related to the local solutions found by D'Hoker et al. We also discuss how the global regular solutions found by D'Hoker et al. are mapped to the parameterization of Apruzzi et al.Comment: 22 pages, 10 figure

    Error Correction in DNA Computing: Misclassification and Strand Loss

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    We present a method of transforming an extract-based DNA computation that is error-prone into one that is relatively error-free. These improvements in error rates are achieved without the supposition of any improvements in the reliability of the underlying laboratory techniques. We assume that only two types of errors are possible: a DNA strand may be incorrectly processed or it may be lost entirely. We show to deal with each of these errors individually and then analyze the tradeoff when both must be optimized simultaneously

    Universal entanglement signatures of foliated fracton phases

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    Fracton models exhibit a variety of exotic properties and lie beyond the conventional framework of gapped topological order. In a previous work, we generalized the notion of gapped phase to one of foliated fracton phase by allowing the addition of layers of gapped two-dimensional resources in the adiabatic evolution between gapped three-dimensional models. Moreover, we showed that the X-cube model is a fixed point of one such phase. In this paper, according to this definition, we look for universal properties of such phases which remain invariant throughout the entire phase. We propose multi-partite entanglement quantities, generalizing the proposal of topological entanglement entropy designed for conventional topological phases. We present arguments for the universality of these quantities and show that they attain non-zero constant value in non-trivial foliated fracton phases.Comment: 17 pages, 7 figure

    Foliated fracton order in the checkerboard model

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    In this work, we show that the checkerboard model exhibits the phenomenon of foliated fracton order. We introduce a renormalization group transformation for the model that utilizes toric code bilayers as an entanglement resource, and show how to extend the model to general three-dimensional manifolds. Furthermore, we use universal properties distilled from the structure of fractional excitations and ground-state entanglement to characterize the foliated fracton phase and find that it is the same as two copies of the X-cube model. Indeed, we demonstrate that the checkerboard model can be transformed into two copies of the X-cube model via an adiabatic deformation.Comment: 8 pages, 9 figure