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    Inconsistencies between lifetime and polarizability measurements in Cs

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    Electric-dipole matrix elements for 6p-nd, n=5, 6, 7 transitions in cesium are calculated using a relativistic all-order method. The resulting matrix elements are used to evaluate 5d lifetimes and 6p polarizabilities. The data are compared with experimental lifetime and polarizability measurements made by different groups. Domination of the 6p scalar polarizabilities by 5d-6p dipole matrix elements facilitates an exacting consistency check of 5d lifetime and 6p polarizability data. Values of 5d-6p matrix elements obtained from experimental 5d lifetime data are found to be inconsistent with those inferred from 6p polarizabilities derived from experimental Stark shift data. Our ab initio calculated 6p polarizabilities agree well with experimental determinations.Comment: 5 pages, submitted to Physical Review

    Alien Registration- Clark, Charles W. (Easton, Aroostook County)

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