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    Space nuclear power systems

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    Space nuclear power systems are considered for use in those particular spacecraft applications for which nuclear power systems offer unique advantages over solar and/or chemical space power systems. Both isotopic and reactor heated space electrical power units are described in an attempt to illustrate their operating characteristics, spacecraft integration aspects, and factory-to-end of mission operational considerations. The status of technology developments in nuclear power systems is presented. Some projections of those technologies are made to form a basis for the applications of space nuclear power systems to be expected over the next 10-15 years


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    Poetry by JR Carpente

    Degreasing of titanium to minimize stress corrosion

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    Stress corrosion of titanium and its alloys at elevated temperatures is minimized by replacing trichloroethylene with methanol or methyl ethyl ketone as a degreasing agent. Wearing cotton gloves reduces stress corrosion from perspiration before the metal components are processed

    Leaf cuticular morphology links Platanaceae and Proteaceae

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    Int. J. Plant Sci. 166(5):843–855. © 2005 by The University of Chicago.The leaf cuticular morphology of extant species of Platanus was investigated using light and scanning electron microscopy. All species are shown to possess trichome bases of the same type as those commonly found in Proteaceae. Of particular significance are compound forms that consist of an annular surface scar associated with more than one underlying epidermal cell. These are found on the adaxial leaf surfaces of all species of Platanus and are also clearly evident on the abaxial surface of Platanus orientalis. This type of trichome base is therefore interpreted as the first detected nonreproductive morphological synapomorphy linking Proteaceae and Platanaceae. Also, the laterocytic, sometimes paracytic, or anomocytic arrangement of subsidiary cells in Platanus is distinct from the general state in Proteaceae, which is brachyparacytic and presumably derived. In Bellendena, possibly the most basal genus of extant Proteaceae, subsidiary cell arrangements resemble those of Platanus. These results are discussed with respect to leaf fossil records of Proteales, where it is concluded that the combination of brachyparacytic stomata and compound trichome bases is strong evidence for Proteaceae.Raymond J. Carpenter, Robert S. Hill, and Gregory J. Jorda

    A flight-rated liquid-cooled garment for use within a full-pressure suit

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    A flight rated liquid cooled garment system for use inside a full pressure suit has been designed, fabricated, and tested. High temperature tests with this system have indicated that heat is absorbed at a rate decreasing from 224 kg-cal/hr to 143 kg-cal/hr over a 40-min period. The first 30 min are very comfortable; thereafter a gradual heat load builds that results in mild sweating at the end of the 40-min period. In flight tests during hot weather when this cooling system was worn under a regulation flight suit, the pilot reported that temperatures were comfortable and that the garment prevented sweating

    A study of mission duration extension problems Summary report, 1 Oct. 1966 - 1 Oct. 1967

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    Characteristics, constraints, and implications of long duration space missions based on use of available hardware and maintenance/repair actions in spac

    Portable light detection system for the blind

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    System can be used to detect "ready" light on automatic cooking device, to tell if lights are on for visitors, or to tell whether it is daylight or dark outside. Device is actuated like flashlight. Light impinging on photo cell activates transistor which energizes buzzer to indicate presence of light

    A study of an Extended Lunar Orbital Rendezvous /ELOR/ mission. Volume 3 - Summary of results

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    Optimal system and mission planning for extended lunar orbital rendezvous missio

    Thrust vectoring for lateral-directional stability

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    The advantages and disadvantages of using thrust vectoring for lateral-directional control and the effects of reducing the tail size of a single-engine aircraft were investigated. The aerodynamic characteristics of the F-16 aircraft were generated by using the Aerodynamic Preliminary Analysis System II panel code. The resulting lateral-directional linear perturbation analysis of a modified F-16 aircraft with various tail sizes and yaw vectoring was performed at several speeds and altitudes to determine the stability and control trends for the aircraft compared to these trends for a baseline aircraft. A study of the paddle-type turning vane thrust vectoring control system as used on the National Aeronautics and Space Administration F/A-18 High Alpha Research Vehicle is also presented
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