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    An improved SQP algorithm for solving minimax problems

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    AbstractIn this work, an improved SQP method is proposed for solving minimax problems, and a new method with small computational cost is proposed to avoid the Maratos effect. In addition, its global and superlinear convergence are obtained under some suitable conditions

    A DSRPCL-SVM Approach to Informative Gene Analysis

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    Microarray data based tumor diagnosis is a very interesting topic in bioinformatics. One of the key problems is the discovery and analysis of informative genes of a tumor. Although there are many elaborate approaches to this problem, it is still difficult to select a reasonable set of informative genes for tumor diagnosis only with microarray data. In this paper, we classify the genes expressed through microarray data into a number of clusters via the distance sensitive rival penalized competitive learning (DSRPCL) algorithm and then detect the informative gene cluster or set with the help of support vector machine (SVM). Moreover, the critical or powerful informative genes can be found through further classifications and detections on the obtained informative gene clusters. It is well demonstrated by experiments on the colon, leukemia, and breast cancer datasets that our proposed DSRPCL-SVM approach leads to a reasonable selection of informative genes for tumor diagnosis

    Differences in diversity and community assembly processes between planktonic and benthic diatoms in the upper reach of the Jinsha River, China

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    Comparing spatio-temporal patterns between planktonic and benthic algae is helpful for understanding their associations and differences. However, such studies are still rare especially in large rivers. We used a dataset collected in the upper reach of the Jinsha River in different seasons to explore biodiversity and assembly processes of planktonic and benthic diatom assemblages. We found that planktonic and benthic diatoms presented different seasonal variation in species richness and community compositions. We also found evidence that planktonic and benthic diatoms were coupled in the summer. Planktonic diatom assemblages were mainly affected by spatial processes via directional spatial dispersal, especially in the summer. By comparison, benthic diatom assemblages were more affected by environmental processes. Our findings suggest that mass effect and species sorting paradigms explain the assembly processes of planktonic and benthic diatom assemblages, respectively, but the explanatory powers of these two paradigms vary seasonally. To effectively monitor and assess ecological conditions of large rivers, we recommend using benthic algae as a biotic indicator group as they had stronger correlations with environmental factors.Peer reviewe

    Sphingosine-1-phosphate promotes the differentiation of human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells into cardiomyocytes under the designated culturing conditions

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    <p>Abstract</p> <p>Background</p> <p>It is of growing interest to develop novel approaches to initiate differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) into cardiomyocytes. The purpose of this investigation was to determine if Sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P), a native circulating bioactive lipid metabolite, plays a role in differentiation of human umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells (HUMSCs) into cardiomyocytes. We also developed an engineered cell sheet from these HUMSCs derived cardiomyocytes by using a temperature-responsive polymer, poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) (PIPAAm) cell sheet technology.</p> <p>Methods</p> <p>Cardiomyogenic differentiation of HUMSCs was performed by culturing these cells with either designated cardiomyocytes conditioned medium (CMCM) alone, or with 1 μM S1P; or DMEM with 10% FBS + 1 μM S1P. Cardiomyogenic differentiation was determined by immunocytochemical analysis of expression of cardiomyocyte markers and patch clamping recording of the action potential.</p> <p>Results</p> <p>A cardiomyocyte-like morphology and the expression of α-actinin and myosin heavy chain (MHC) proteins can be observed in both CMCM culturing or CMCM+S1P culturing groups after 5 days' culturing, however, only the cells in CMCM+S1P culture condition present cardiomyocyte-like action potential and voltage gated currents. A new approach was used to form PIPAAm based temperature-responsive culture surfaces and this successfully produced cell sheets from HUMSCs derived cardiomyocytes.</p> <p>Conclusions</p> <p>This study for the first time demonstrates that S1P potentiates differentiation of HUMSCs towards functional cardiomyocytes under the designated culture conditions. Our engineered cell sheets may provide a potential for clinically applicable myocardial tissues should promote cardiac tissue engineering research.</p

    Isomer-Resolved Mobility-Mass Analysis of alpha-Pinene Ozonolysis Products

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    Highly oxygenated organic molecules (HOMs) are important sources of atmospheric aerosols. Resolving the molecular-level formation mechanisms of these HOMs from freshly emitted hydrocarbons improves the understanding of aerosol properties and their influence on the climate. In this study, we measure the electrical mobility and mass-to-charge ratio of alpha-pinene oxidation products using a secondary electrospray-differential mobility analyzer-mass spectrometer (SESI-DMA-MS). The mass-mobility spectrum of the oxidation products is measured with seven different reagent ions generated by the electrospray. We analyzed the mobility-mass spectra of the oxidation products C9-10H14-18O2-6. Our results show that acetate and chloride yield the highest charging efficiencies. Analysis of the mobility spectra suggests that the clusters have 1-5 isomeric structures (i.e., ion-molecule cluster structures with distinct mobilities), and the number is affected by the reagent ion. Most of the isomers are likely cluster isomers originating from binding of the reagent ion to different sites of the molecule. By comparing the number of observed isomers and measured mobilities and collision cross sections between standard pinanediol and pinonic acid to the values observed for C10H18O2 and C10H16O3 produced from oxidation of alpha-pinene, we confirm that pinanediol and pinonic acid are the only isomers for these elemental compositions in our experimental conditions. Our study shows that the SESI-DMA-MS produces new information from the first steps of oxidation of alpha-pinene.Peer reviewe

    Influence of Electrolyte Refreshing on the Photoelectrochemical Performance of Fiber-Shaped Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells

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    Given the convenient sealing of fiber-shaped dye-sensitized solar cells (FDSSCs), the electrolyte refreshing effect on the photo-electrochemical performance of FDSSCs was studied. The electron transport and interfacial recombination kinetics were also systematically investigated by electrochemical impedance spectroscopy. With increased electrolyte refreshing times from 0 to 10, the open-circuit voltage (Voc) and fill factor (FF) increased, whereas the photocurrent density (Jsc) and power conversion efficiency (PCE) significantly decreased. The increased Voc was mainly ascribed to the electron recombination resistance (Rct, WE) at the TiO2/electrolyte interface and electron lifetime. The decreased Jsc and PCE were due to dye desorption and the increase of series resistance. Further investigation proved that Li+ played a vital role in increasing Voc as electrolyte refreshing and Li+ had more significant impact than TBP (tert-butyl pyridine) on maintaining high Voc

    Faktor-Faktor Yang Mempengaruhi Pengungkapan Tanggung Jawab Sosial

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    Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk menentukan faktor-faktor yang mempengaruhi luasnya tingkat pengungkapan tanggung jawab sosial Perusahaan (Corporate Social Responsibility) dengan menguji pengaruh ukuran Perusahaan, profitabilitas, leverage, kepemilikan insti­tusional, ukuran dewan komisaris, ukuran dewan direksi, dan ukuran komite audit. Sampel yang digunakan adalah Perusahaan sektor pertambangan terdaftar di Bursa Efek Indonesia selama 2010-2012. Data diperoleh dari laporan keuangan auditan dan laporan tahunan serta laporan keberlanjutan (sustainability report) jika ada. Penelitian ini menggunakan pendekatan kuantitatif dengan analisis regresi linear berganda. Penelitian ini menunjukkan bahwa ukuran Perusahaan dan komite audit memiliki pengaruh positif terhadap peng­ungkapan tanggung jawab sosial. Tidak ditemukan bukti pengaruh profitabilitas, leverage, kepemilikan institusional, ukuran dewan komisaris, dan ukuran dewan direksi terhadap terhadap pengungkapan tanggung jawab sosial
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