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    Mass generation of elementary particles and origin of the fundamental forces in algebraic quantum theory

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    The main thesis of this paper deals with the interactions of a set of fermions which are described by one basic type of bilinear interactions,two symmetric semiobjects,three embedded shells and four fundamental (strong) gravito-electro-magnetic forces between left and right semiobjects,i.e semifermions.Comment: 40 page

    The Imputability of the Mental Patient

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    An evaluation of palliative care education in the specialist training programme in family medicine

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    Aim: The study aimed to evaluate the teaching in palliative care (PC) provided during the Specialist Training Programme in Family Medicine (STPFM) in Malta. Methodology: A questionnaire was used, based on two other validated questionnaires used in a similar population. Fifteen topics commonly encountered in PC were analysed. Results: Twenty-two (74.4%) trainees returned the questionnaire. All trainees received exposure to palliative care patients, but only 5 (22.7%) felt involved in their care and only 6 (27.3%) ever used a syringe driver. Most PC teaching in the STPFM was formal in nature. Trainees felt that palliative care subjects were covered well in the STPFM, but non-medical areas received lower scores. Trainees’ confidence closely mirrored the scores for subject coverage. The Half-Day Release Programmes were the most useful palliative care teaching resource. A correct answer for the question on pain management was obtained by 63.3% of trainees and 23.7% got a correct answer for the question on the use of a syringe driver. Concerns on managing dying patients in the community were raised by 40.9% of trainees. Trainees judged overall positively their STPFM. Conclusion: GP trainees need to be trained in PC in a manner that adequately addresses their future caseload. Changes need to be made in the PC teaching within the STPFM to address areas such as ethical issues in end-of-life; using a syringe driver; selfcare and managing patients in the community.peer-reviewe
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