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    Towards a Natural Theory of Dark Energy: Supersymmetric Large Extra Dimensions

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    The first part of this article summarizes the evidence for Dark Energy and Dark Matter, as well as the naturalness issues which plague current theories of Dark Energy. The main point of this part is to argue why these naturalness issues should provide the central theoretical guidance for the search for a successful theory. The second part of the article describes the present status of what I regard as being the best mechanism yet proposed for addressing this issue: Six-dimensional Supergravity with submillimetre-sized Extra Dimensions (Supersymmetric Large Extra Dimensions, or SLED for short). Besides summarizing the SLED proposal itself, this section also describes the tests which this model has passed, the main criticisms which have been raised, and the remaining challenges which remain to be checked. The bottom line is that the proposal survives the tests which have been completed to date, and predicts several distinctive experimental signatures for cosmology, tests of gravity and for accelerator-based particle physics.Comment: 33 page

    The Stability of Branonium

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    We analyse the orbital motion of a light anti D6-brane in the presence of a stack of heavy, distant D6-branes in ten dimensions, taking account of possible time-variations in the background moduli fields. The Coulomb-like central potential arising through brane-antibrane interactions is then modified to include time-dependent prefactors, which generally preclude the existence of stable elliptical orbits.Comment: 13 pages, Latex, 3 eps figure
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