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    Quantum phase transitions in the J-J' Heisenberg and XY spin-1/2 antiferromagnets on square lattice: Finite-size scaling analysis

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    We investigate the critical parameters of an order-disorder quantum phase transitions in the spin-1/2 JJJ-J' Heisenberg and XY antiferromagnets on square lattice. Basing on the excitation gaps calculated by exact diagonalization technique for systems up to 32 spins and finite-size scaling analysis we estimate the critical couplings and exponents of the correlation length for both models. Our analysis confirms the universal critical behavior of these quantum phase transitions: They belong to 3D O(3) and 3D O(2) universality classes, respectively.Comment: 7 pages, 3 figure

    Numerical Studies of the two-leg Hubbard ladder

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    The Hubbard model on a two-leg ladder structure has been studied by a combination of series expansions at T=0 and the density-matrix renormalization group. We report results for the ground state energy E0E_0 and spin-gap Δs\Delta_s at half-filling, as well as dispersion curves for one and two-hole excitations. For small UU both E0E_0 and Δs\Delta_s show a dramatic drop near t/t0.5t/t_{\perp}\sim 0.5, which becomes more gradual for larger UU. This represents a crossover from a "band insulator" phase to a strongly correlated spin liquid. The lowest-lying two-hole state rapidly becomes strongly bound as t/tt/t_{\perp} increases, indicating the possibility that phase separation may occur. The various features are collected in a "phase diagram" for the model.Comment: 10 figures, revte

    Critical and off-critical studies of the Baxter-Wu model with general toroidal boundary conditions

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    The operator content of the Baxter-Wu model with general toroidal boundary conditions is calculated analytically and numerically. These calculations were done by relating the partition function of the model with the generating function of a site-colouring problem in a hexagonal lattice. Extending the original Bethe-ansatz solution of the related colouring problem we are able to calculate the eigenspectra of both models by solving the associated Bethe-ansatz equations. We have also calculated, by exploring the conformal invariance at the critical point, the mass ratios of the underlying massive theory governing the Baxter-Wu model in the vicinity of its critical point.Comment: 32 pages latex, to appear in J. Phys. A: Math. Ge