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    Comment on Gauge-Independent Analysis of Chern-Simons Theory with Matter Coupling

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    It is shown that a recently proposed relativistic field theory of anyons is mathematically flawed and also does not satisfy reasonable criteria for such a theory.Comment: 4 page

    Soluble field theory with a massless gauge invariant limit

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    It is shown that there exists a soluble four parameter model in (1+1) dimensions all of whose propagators can be determined in terms of the corresponding known propagators of the vector coupling theory. Unlike the latter case, however, the limit of zero bare mass is nonsingular and yields a nontrivial theory with a rigorously unbroken gauge invariance.Comment: 7 pages, revtex, no figure

    Comment on "Attractive Forces between Electrons in 2 + 1 Dimensional QED"

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    It is shown that a model recently proposed for numerical calculations of bound states in QED3_3 is in fact an improper truncation of the Aharonov-Bohm potential.Comment: 4 page

    Cutoff dependence of the Casimir effect

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    The problem of calculating the Casimir force on two conducting planes by means of the stress tensor is examined. The evaluation of this quantity is carried out using an explicit regularization procedure which has its origin in the underlying (2+1) dimensional Poincar\'{e} invariance of the system. The force between the planes is found to depend on the ratio of two independent cutoff parameters, thereby rendering any prediction for the Casimir effect an explicit function of the particular calculational scheme employed. Similar results are shown to obtain in the case of the conducting sphere.Comment: 7 pages, revtex, no figure
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