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    A Comparison of the Machine Learning Algorithm for Evaporation Duct Estimation

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    In this research, a comparison of the relevance vector machine (RVM), least square support vector machine (LSSVM) and the radial basis function neural network (RBFNN) for evaporation duct estimation are presented. The parabolic equation model is adopted as the forward propagation model, and which is used to establish the training database between the radar sea clutter power and the evaporation duct height. The comparison of the RVM, LSSVM and RBFNN for evaporation duct estimation are investigated via the experimental and the simulation studies, and the statistical analysis method is employed to analyze the performance of the three machine learning algorithms in the simulation study. The analysis demonstrate that the M profile of RBFNN estimation has a relatively good match to the measured profile for the experimental study; for the simulation study, the LSSVM is the most precise one among the three machine learning algorithms, besides, the performance of RVM is basically identical to the RBFNN

    Apparatus and method for destructive removal of particles contained in flowing fluid

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    An apparatus and method for destructively removing particles from a flowing gas containing the particles is described. In the specific embodiments disclosed the apparatus is adapted to remove carbon particles from diesel engine exhaust products. The exhaust products are directed to a predetermined location where they are rapidly vaporized and combine with oxygen in the exhaust products to form carbon dioxide. Vaporization in one embodiment is effected by a discharge grid located within an exhaust conduit, the grid being chosen so that alternate conductors defining the grid are spaced apart a distance approximately 125 times the mean diameter of the particles to be removed. A voltage differential of approximately 690 volts is applied across adjacent conductors

    Substitution Delone Sets

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    This paper addresses the problem of describing aperiodic discrete structures that have a self-similar or self-affine structure. Substitution Delone set families are families of Delone sets (X_1, ..., X_n) in R^d that satisfy an inflation functional equation under the action of an expanding integer matrix in R^d. This paper studies such functional equation in which each X_i is a discrete multiset (a set whose elements are counted with a finite multiplicity). It gives necessary conditions on the coefficients of the functional equation for discrete solutions to exist. It treats the case where the equation has Delone set solutions. Finally, it gives a large set of examples showing limits to the results obtained.Comment: 34 pages, latex file; some results in Sect 5 rearranged and theorems reformulate

    Instrumentation for sensing moisture content of material using a transient thermal pulse

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    Instrumentation for sensing moisture content of material using a transient thermal pulse is comprised of a sensing probe having a sensing element in the form of a ribbon excited by a constant current pulse from a source to increase the temperature and therefore the resistance of the ribbon linearly. Moisture in web material will limit the increase of temperature during the pulse in proportion to the moisture content. This increase in temperature produces a proportional increase in resistivity which is measured with a wheatstone bridge as a change in voltage displayed by a measurement display unit. The probe is glued in a shallow groove of a Lucite bar and connected to copper pins embedded in the bar

    Portable heatable container

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    A container is provided which can be designed to heat its outer surface to sterilize it, or to heat its inner surface and any contents therewithin. In a container that self sterilizes its outer surface, the container includes a combustible layer of thermite-type pyrotechnic material which can be ignited to generate considerable heat, and a thin casing around the combustible layer which is of highly thermally conductive materials such as aluminum which can be heated to a high temperature by the ignited combustible layer. A buffer layer which may be of metal, lies within the combustible layer, and a layer of insulation such as Teflon lies within the buffer layer to insulate the contents of the container from the heat

    Compact pulsed laser having improved heat conductance

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    A highly efficient, compact pulsed laser having high energy to weight and volume ratios is provided. The laser utilizes a cavity reflector that operates as a heat sink and is essentially characterized by having a high heat conductivity, by being a good electrical insulator and by being substantially immune to the deleterious effects of ultra-violet radiation. Manual portability is accomplished by eliminating entirely any need for a conventional circulating fluid cooling system
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