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    Strukturelle und funktionelle Charakterisierung von Komponenten der ER-Proteintranslokase

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    Comparison of unfolding methods using RooFitUnfold

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    In this paper we describe RooFitUnfold, an extension of the RooFit statistical software package to treat unfolding problems, and which includes most of the unfolding methods that commonly used in particle physics. The package provides a common interface to these algorithms as well as common uniform methods to evaluate their performance in terms of bias, variance and coverage. In this paper we exploit this common interface of RooFitUnfold to compare the performance of unfolding with the Richardson-Lucy, Iterative Dynamically Stabilized, Tikhonov, Gaussian Process, Bin-by-bin and inversion methods on several example problems

    Individuals responses to economic cycles: Organizational relevance and a multilevel theoretical integration

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    The Forward Physics Facility at the High-Luminosity LHC

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    Search for dark matter produced in association with bottom or top quarks in ‚ąös = 13 TeV pp collisions with the ATLAS detector

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    A search for weakly interacting massive particle dark matter produced in association with bottom or top quarks is presented. Final states containing third-generation quarks and miss- ing transverse momentum are considered. The analysis uses 36.1 fb‚ąí1 of proton‚Äďproton collision data recorded by the ATLAS experiment at ‚ąös = 13 TeV in 2015 and 2016. No significant excess of events above the estimated backgrounds is observed. The results are in- terpreted in the framework of simplified models of spin-0 dark-matter mediators. For colour- neutral spin-0 mediators produced in association with top quarks and decaying into a pair of dark-matter particles, mediator masses below 50 GeV are excluded assuming a dark-matter candidate mass of 1 GeV and unitary couplings. For scalar and pseudoscalar mediators produced in association with bottom quarks, the search sets limits on the production cross- section of 300 times the predicted rate for mediators with masses between 10 and 50 GeV and assuming a dark-matter mass of 1 GeV and unitary coupling. Constraints on colour- charged scalar simplified models are also presented. Assuming a dark-matter particle mass of 35 GeV, mediator particles with mass below 1.1 TeV are excluded for couplings yielding a dark-matter relic density consistent with measurements

    Search for single production of vector-like quarks decaying into Wb in pp collisions at s=8\sqrt{s} = 8 TeV with the ATLAS detector