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    Study of thermal protection requirements for a lifting body entry vehicle suitable for near-earth missions Summary report

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    Weight estimates of thermal protection systems for lifting body reentry vehicle suitable for near earth mission

    Entanglement entropy through conformal interfaces in the 2D Ising model

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    We consider the entanglement entropy for the 2D Ising model at the conformal fixed point in the presence of interfaces. More precisely, we investigate the situation where the two subsystems are separated by a defect line that preserves conformal invariance. Using the replica trick, we compute the entanglement entropy between the two subsystems. We observe that the entropy, just like in the case without defects, shows a logarithmic scaling behavior with respect to the size of the system. Here, the prefactor of the logarithm depends on the strength of the defect encoded in the transmission coefficient. We also comment on the supersymmetric case.Comment: 27 pages, 3 figures, v2: additional references and minor correction
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