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    Program Evaluation in the Context of Debates in the Field: The Evaluation of PR-CETP

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    This paper rationalizes the selection of the concept of energy as the central theme of a new capstone course aimed at science education majors. It describes the goals of the course and the activities that preceded the course design and led to the selection of the topics, of the educational materials, and of the teaching methodologies. It presents a sequential description of the manner in which the conceptual knowledge of energy was to be developed. The speciïŹc experiments, interactive demonstrations and other educational materials utilized for the conceptual development of the concept of energy in context are described and referenced. The course objectives are described, as well as the instruments utilized to assess student learning. It also presents the activities utilized to assess the course, in addition to the modiïŹcations made to the course syllabus based on this assessment

    Understanding of the Mole Concept Achieved by Students in a Constructivist General Chemistry Course

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    The purpose of this research project was to study the conceptual understanding achieved in a general chemistry course based on a constructivist approach. A group of 28 students participated in repeated measures obtained by means of conceptual maps about the mole concept prepared three times during the course: at the beginning the course, immediately after the concept was studied, and after studying other related concepts. In addition, eight students selected from the group of 28 were interviewed. The interviews were carried out focusing on their conceptual maps. The analysis of the repeated measures indicated signiïŹcant differences among the three times, especially between the ïŹrst two. It was evidenced, therefore, that these students obtained a signiïŹcantly higher level of understanding of the mole concept. The qualitative analysis carried out with students identiïŹed a broad range of responses that represent different levels of hierarchical organization, of progressive differentiation, and of formation of signiïŹcant relations of the mole concept. Some recommendations offered are to develop and implement teaching methods that promote understanding of scientiïŹc concepts, and to prepare science professors and teachers to emphasize teaching for conceptual understanding

    Computing continuous-time growth models with boundary conditions via wavelets

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    This paper presents an algorithm for approximating the solution of deterministic/stochastic continuous-time growth models based on the Euler's equation and the transversality conditions. The main issue for computing these models is to deal efficiently with the boundary conditions associated. This approach is a wavelets-collocation method derived from the finite-iterative trapezoidal approach. Illustrative examples are give

    Valuation of boundary-linked assets

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    This article studies the valuation of boundary-linked assets and their derivatives in continuous-time markets. Valuing boundary-linked assets requires the solution of a stochastic differential equation with boundary conditions, which, often, is not Markovian. We propose a wavelet-collocation algorithm for solving a Milstein approximation to the stochastic boundary problem. Its convergence properties are studied. Furthermore, we value boundary-linked derivatives using Malliavin calculus and Monte Carlo methods. We apply these ideas to value European call options of boundary-linked asset

    Worst-case estimation and asymptotic theory for models with unobservables

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    This paper proposes a worst-case approach for estimating econometric models containing unobservable variables. Worst-case estimators are robust against the adverse effects of unobservables. In contrast to the classical literature, there are no assumptions about the statistical nature of the unobservables in a worst-case estimation. This method is robust with respect to the unknown probability distribution of the unobservables and should be seen as a complement to standard methods, as cautious modelers should compare different estimations to determine robust models. The limit theory is obtained. A Monte Carlo study of finite sample properties has been conducted. An economic application is included

    Do business density and variety determine retail performance?

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    Outlet location plays a crucial role in retail strategy. In this paper we study the relationship between spatial density (concentration) of retailers in the trade area and their economic performance. This analysis will help managers figure out the economic potential of starting a retail business in a given area, reducing business start-up risks. We find that retail businesses located in high and low retail density zones enjoy higher performance levels, consistent with competitive advantage arising from agglomeration economies and local market power respectively. We also find that retail businesses located in intermediate density areas use a differentiation strategy based on business variety (diversification across stores). Outlets located in areas with the highest variety enjoy performance levels similar to those achieved in the agglomeration and low density areas. The results suggest that retail companies should jointly consider variety and density to determine location

    Optimal duration of magazine promotions

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    The planning of promotions and other marketing events frequently requires manufacturers to make decisions about the optimal duration of these activities. Yet manufacturers often lack the support tools for decision making. We assume that customer decisions at the aggregated level follow a state-dependent Markov process. On the basis of the expected economic return associated with dynamic response to stimuli, we determine the ideal length of marketing events using dynamic programming optimization and apply the model to a complex promotion event. Results suggest that this methodology could help managers in the publishing industry to plan the optimal duration of promotion event

    The Transition to College Process in PR-CETP Scholars

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    This article describes a study about the experiences of a group of students during the transition from high school to college. The students are future teachers who evidenced a high level of academic achievement in high school and received merit scholarships from the Puerto Rico Collaborative for Excellence in Teacher Preparation (PR-CETP). Two groups of students were compared: those who sustained a high GPA during their freshman year, and those who did not and, therefore, no longer qualified for the scholarship. The study was carried out through focused interviews with eight students, from three universities, four of whom maintained the scholarship and four who did not. Findings indicate that the main problems encountered were academic and social, and that the students received support from their families during the entire process. Regarding formal support, they pointed out that they felt highly satisfied with the services provided by PR-CETP and the universities, but they also pointed out (particularly those who lost the scholarship) that they needed additional services from the universities. They suggested, for example, better tutoring, and social activities among the scholars. The interviewed students, in general, consider that they faced the transition successfully since most of them described their academic, emotional, and social status as satisfactory at the time of the interviews