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    Framing Group Projects: Leadership and Style in Small Group Dynamics

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    The purpose of my Capstone was to look at small group dynamics and the factors that have a profound impact upon them. I used Bryant University’s IDEA Program as the template for my project for, and arena from which I collected my research. The IDEA Program is a three-day ideation and innovation program that all first-year students are required to participate in. I observed, filmed and questioned twenty-five of the first-year students participating in the program. After my research and analysis, I found that there were four factors that greatly influenced the dynamics of a small group, as well as its overall success. Those four factors include leadership style, the ability to play to the strengths of others, comfort with creativity and the detrimental effect of minimal contributors on the group

    Cosmic rays in magnetized intracluster plasma

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    Recent results are reported on Magnetic Fields in Clusters of Galaxies, Diffuse Radio Emission, and Radio - X-ray connection in Radio Halos.Comment: 2 pages, 1 figure, Invited talk at the JD15 "Magnetic Fields in Diffuse Media", IAU XXVII General Assembly, Rio de Janeir

    Bayesian networks for enterprise risk assessment

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    According to different typologies of activity and priority, risks can assume diverse meanings and it can be assessed in different ways. In general risk is measured in terms of a probability combination of an event (frequency) and its consequence (impact). To estimate the frequency and the impact (severity) historical data or expert opinions (either qualitative or quantitative data) are used. Moreover qualitative data must be converted in numerical values to be used in the model. In the case of enterprise risk assessment the considered risks are, for instance, strategic, operational, legal and of image, which many times are difficult to be quantified. So in most cases only expert data, gathered by scorecard approaches, are available for risk analysis. The Bayesian Network is a useful tool to integrate different information and in particular to study the risk's joint distribution by using data collected from experts. In this paper we want to show a possible approach for building a Bayesian networks in the particular case in which only prior probabilities of node states and marginal correlations between nodes are available, and when the variables have only two states

    Towards a Phenomenology of Literary Language: Wyndham Lewis and the Expressions of Being

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    The central aim of this study is to transcend the academic orthodoxies of literary scholarship to restore the reader to their rightful place as the subject of Wyndham Lewis’s writing. As a case study for a phenomenological approach to literary theory rooted in an exploration of the phenomenological potentialities of literary language, this thesis contemplates Lewis as an incarnated speaking subject committed to the coherent deformation of linguistic structures as a method to formulate a phenomenology of ourselves. Lewis’s literary practice, in fact, developed as a phenomenological method to neutralise humanity’s gatekeepers and gatekeeping mechanisms and express the human encounter with the world. The chapters each deal with one of five key works (BLAST (1914), The Wild Body (1927), The Apes of God (1930), Snooty Baronet (1932) and The Childermass (1928)), witnessing through close reading the development of Lewis’s style in his lifelong search for the most appropriate form with which to craft the gesture that could be most effective at addressing fundamental ontological questions. What is it like to be human? What is the relation between consciousness and reality?Where, when, and most importantly, how can we perceive the coming into being of human consciousness? Is Being accessible to us? Lewis shares these philosophical concerns with Maurice Merleau-Ponty as both thinkers contemplate human expression as the pragmatic solution to the ontological crisis brought forward by modernity. A great awareness of the dialectical analogies between the structures of language, perception and consciousness prompted both Lewis and Merleau-Ponty to explore the coherently deformed linguistic structures of literary language as the blueprint for comprehending the human experience of reality

    Why are central radio relics so rare?

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    In this paper we address the question why cluster radio relics that are connected to shock acceleration, so-called radio gischt, have preferentially been found in the outskirts of galaxy clusters. By identifying merger shock waves in cosmological grid simulations, we explore several prescriptions for relating the energy dissipated in shocks to the energy emitted in the radio band. None of the investigated models produce detectable radio relics within 100-200 kpc from the cluster centre. All models cause > 50 per cent of the detectable relic emission at projected distances > 800 kpc. Central radio relics caused by shocks that propagate along the line-of-sight are rare events for simple geometrical reasons, and they have a low surface brightness making them elusive for current instruments. Our simulations show that the radial distribution of observed relics can be explained by the radial trend of dissipated kinetic energy in shocks, that increases with distance from the cluster centre up until half of the virial radius.Comment: 6 pages, 4 figures. MNRAS accepte

    Sustainable Urban Revitalization within a Historical Urban Neighborhood-A useful Approach to Complete

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    The historically important urban neighborhoods are practically a significant entity, a rich reservoir of social and economical milieu and cultural inheritance. Though, it faces many problems due to the rapid growth of population and the steady increases in the new requirements with concern of decompose this historical urban neighborhood. Presently sustainable urban revitalization is a theory to integrate inclusive concept of sustainability into urban revitalization process. Therefore to fix up such theory into true practices, a useful approach of urban revitalization planning should be worked out at the start. To work out how urban design would affect inclusive sustainable theory i.e. economy, environment, social equity and cultural values of urban revitalization schemes within Boro Bazaar Area (Khulna city, Bangladesh), a study investigating this issue is initiated. The paper highlights different approaches and strategies taken by different interview, questionnaire and field survey towards the methodologies of assessing, refurbishing and adding new value to the study areas, in view of increasing not only the quality of economical and social significance but also the quality of public spaces and services, for a better excellence of life of the society and neighbourhood.It is also believed that the research findings of this paper can strengthen the understanding of local developers, urban designers and government officials on how to plan a sustainable urban revitalization scheme afterwards

    Quasilinear degenerate elliptic variational inequalities with discontinuous coefficients

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    summary:We obtain an existence theorem for the problem (0.1) where the coefficients aij(x,s)a_{ij}(x,s) satisfy a degenerate ellipticity condition and hypotheses weaker than the continuity with respect to the variable ss

    La condanna di Stefano Tempier e la "Declaratio" di Raimondo Lullo

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    Abstract not availabl

    Compelled Unionism in the Private Sector After Janus: Why Unions Should Not Profit from Dissenting Employees

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    This Note examines the impact of the 2018 landmark labor law case Janus v. AFSCME. Janus held it unconstitutional under the First Amendment to require public sector employees to pay fees to a union to which they are not a member. The Supreme Court based their decision on the idea that compelling public employees to subsidize union speech to which they disagreed violated their free speech rights. The author argues that the Court’s holding in Janus should be extended to protect the free speech rights of private sector employees through a finding of state action in the private unionized workplace
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