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    Supporting the development of children’s communication as a social competence on the example of CMC/4D - educational programme authored by Eva Schere

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    The theme of the discourse are cultural and social activities introduced in kindergartens in Poland on the example of CMC/4D (Children Massaging Children) – educational programme authored by Eva Scherer. The programme’s superior relevance lies at is its universality; created by a Polish woman living in New Zealand, it has been successfully transferred to Poland; trainings in the basics of CMC/4D were completed by 249 people. Current- ly, the programme is implemented in 80 centres (according to the author’s knowledge). The paper presents the most important theoretical assumptions of the programme, based on current knowledge about the influence on a child development and it includes tests carried out under the programme. It describes the implemented methods and results achieved in cultural and social area. It also presents comments made by the programme’s author and opinions of its users. The author stresses the issue of development of communication skills in education as an important factor in cultural and social area

    On arc reversal in balanced digraphs

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    AbstractIn this note we consider closed walks, which are cycles that are not necessarily elementary. We prove that any arc reversal in a balanced multidigraph without loops decreases the number of closed walks. This also proves that arc reversal in a simple balanced digraph decreases the number of closed walks

    A new optimal packing algorithm for telecommunications networks planning

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    AbstractIn telecommunications network planning, the problem of multiplexing low speed lines onto high speed transmission channels provides opportunities for attractive economic solutions. In many cases, the overall costs for transmission channels runs into hundreds of thousands of dollars per year. Thus, the problem of finding the minimum number of transmission channels to support low speed lines might be very important.This paper describes an exact packing algorithm (OPTPACK) for determining the packing of low speed lines onto high speed channels in such a way that the number of required channels is minimized

    Properties of optimal survivable paths in a graph

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    AbstractWe introduce the concept of a survivable path in an undirected graph G. A survivable path between a pair of vertices in G is a pair of edge-disjoint paths consisting of a working path and a redundant protection path. Protection paths share edges in such a manner as to provide guaranteed recovery upon the failure of any single edge. Survivable paths play an important role in the design of survivable communication networks. We demonstrate several results on the properties of the optimal set of survivable paths

    Selected aspects of Lycopodium annotinum L. sporulation

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    The conducted study aimed to show the differences in the process of sporulation at two populations of Lycopodium annotinum L. occurring within the governmental forests in the habitats: undisturbed and disturbed by economic treatments. The study was conducted in 2008-2011 in the southern part of the Krakowsko-Częstochowska Upland. It concerned the number of observations of sporophylls occurring during the year. There was also examined till which months within the year spores are released. The study also included observations of the lot of sporophylls which released the spores. Studies have shown that in the undisturbed habitat during the year there occurred 6 times more sporophylls than in the disturbed habitat. It was also observed that the period of their appearance in the undisturbed habitat was prolonged compared to literature data, and lasted until November 2008. Such a late appearance of sporophylls was not in the disturbed habitat, where the appearance of sporophylls was observed only until July 2008. However, only in the disturbed habitat there was observed occurrence of sporophylls in March 2009. In the undisturbed habitat spore release process lasted until October 2008, while in the disturbed one until September. In this habitat there was also observed that 28% of marked shoots with strobili died before the release of spores. This situation was not observed in the undisturbed habitat. The study also showed that in the both positions, after releasing the spores, all the shoots died within 3 years, however, in the disturbed habitat shoots died much faster than in the undisturbed one

    Evolution of the beta Phase Flux Dissolution during Quasicrystal Formation

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    This study focuses mainly on the veri cation of a peritectic reaction during the crystallization of quasicrystals. The and phases apparently provide the necessary material for crystallization of the quasicrystalline phase. We present results of an experimental visualization of the evolution of the ux dissolution process of the high temperature phase. Solidi ed droplets of the phase, formed primarily by the surface tension of the liquid within a bubble or a shrinkage, after crumbling during the ux dissolution may contribute to the quasicrystal formation process according to a peritectic reaction: c + + L ! , where c denotes the crumbled phase immersed in the liquid