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    Unambiguous determination of gravitational waveforms from binary black hole mergers

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    Gravitational radiation is properly defined only at future null infinity (\scri), but in practice it is estimated from data calculated at a finite radius. We have used characteristic extraction to calculate gravitational radiation at \scri for the inspiral and merger of two equal mass non-spinning black holes. Thus we have determined the first unambiguous merger waveforms for this problem. The implementation is general purpose, and can be applied to calculate the gravitational radiation, at \scri, given data at a finite radius calculated in another computation.Comment: 4 pages, 3 figures, published versio

    Modification of a three-dimensional supersonic nozzle analysis and comparison with experimental data

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    A computer program previously developed to analyze three-dimensional supersonic nozzles by the method of characteristics has been modified to study less restrictive nozzle geometries and nonuniform inlet conditions. An example indicates that a one-dimensional calculation that uses an averaged initial profile may be significantly in error. A comparison between the analysis and the data from a three-dimensional experiment shows generally good agreement between the two

    Cortical fMRI activation to opponents' body kinematics in sport-related anticipation: Expert-novice differences with normal and point-light video

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    This is the post-print version of the final paper published in Neuroscience Letters. The published article is available from the link below. Changes resulting from the publishing process, such as peer review, editing, corrections, structural formatting, and other quality control mechanisms may not be reflected in this document. Changes may have been made to this work since it was submitted for publication. Copyright @ 2011 Elsevier B.V.Badminton players of varying skill levels viewed normal and point-light video clips of opponents striking the shuttle towards the viewer; their task was to predict in which quadrant of the court the shuttle would land. In a whole-brain fMRI analysis we identified bilateral cortical networks sensitive to the anticipation task relative to control stimuli. This network is more extensive and localised than previously reported. Voxel clusters responding more strongly in experts than novices were associated with all task-sensitive areas, whereas voxels responding more strongly in novices were found outside these areas. Task-sensitive areas for normal and point-light video were very similar, whereas early visual areas responded differentially, indicating the primacy of kinematic information for sport-related anticipation.Research Grants Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Chin

    A discrete nonlinear model with substrate feedback

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    We consider a prototypical model in which a nonlinear field (continuum or discrete) evolves on a flexible substrate which feeds back to the evolution of the main field. We identify the underlying physics and potential applications of such a model and examine its simplest one-dimensional Hamiltonian form, which turns out to be a modified Frenkel-Kontorova model coupled to an extra linear equation. We find static kink solutions and study their stability, and then examine moving kinks (the continuum limit of the model is studied too). We observe how the substrate effectively renormalizes properties of the kinks. In particular, a nontrivial finding is that branches of stable and unstable kink solutions may be extended beyond a critical point at which an effective intersite coupling vanishes; passing this critical point does not destabilize the kink. Kink-antikink collisions are also studied, demonstrating alternation between merger and transmission cases.Comment: a revtex text file and 6 ps files with figures. Physical Review E, in pres

    Some aspects of upwelling in the Gulf of Panama

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    ENGLISH: Strong coastal upwelling occurs in the Gulf of Panama regularly each year during the season, from about January through April, when strong northerly winds are blowing offshore. Because of the evident importance of upwelling to the ecology of the Gulf of Panama, we commenced in the fall of 1954 a study of various physical, chemical, and biological phenomena associated therewith. Observations were taken at bi-weekly intervals at a fixed location in the Gulf (approximately 10 miles SE of Taboga Island) to supplement the serial observations of sea level, sea temperature, and winds that have been gathered for many years by the Panama Canal Company. SPANISH: Cado año, en la estación de enero a abril, cuando los vientos del norte soplan vigorosamente frente a la costa, ocurre en el Golfo de Panamá un fuerte afloramiento costanero. Se cree que este afloramiento periódico en el Golfo de Panamá es responsable de la alta productividad biológica que sostiene considerables cantidades de organismos de importancia comercial. Esta región, por ejemplo, es una fuente importante de la especie Cetengraulis mysticetus) pez de carnada para el atún, (Alverson y Shimada, 1957) y mantiene una considerable pesca de camarones llamados langostinos (Burkenroad, Obarrio y Mendoza,1955). (PDF contains 54 pages.

    Ill-posedness in the Einstein equations

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    It is shown that the formulation of the Einstein equations widely in use in numerical relativity, namely, the standard ADM form, as well as some of its variations (including the most recent conformally-decomposed version), suffers from a certain but standard type of ill-posedness. Specifically, the norm of the solution is not bounded by the norm of the initial data irrespective of the data. A long-running numerical experiment is performed as well, showing that the type of ill-posedness observed may not be serious in specific practical applications, as is known from many numerical simulations.Comment: 13 pages, 3 figures, accepted for publication in Journal of Mathematical Physics (to appear August 2000
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