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    Vibration control of single floor seismically excited structure using active mass damper

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    The purpose of this paper is to dampen the vibrations using active mass damper (AMD) flexible structure has been tested using Shake Table by linear cart. The active and passive mass properties has been discussed. An observer based state-feedback card controller was used for one floor AMD using MATLAB/SIMULINK modelling. Several laboratory experimental setup using AMD, general system description, model, parameters, and comparison of data obtained by Pakistan earthquake occurred on Oct 8, 2005 has been discussed

    Shearfree Condition and dynamical Instability in f(R,T)f(R,T) gravity

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    The implications of shearfree condition on instability range of anisotropic fluid in f(R,T)f(R,T) are studied in this manuscript. A viable f(R,T)f(R, T) model is chosen to arrive at stability criterion, where RR is Ricci scalar and TT is the trace of energy momentum tensor. The evolution of spherical star is explored by employing perturbation scheme on modified field equations and contracted Bianchi identities in f(R,T)f(R, T). The effect of imposed shearfree condition on collapse equation and adiabatic index Γ\Gamma is studied in Newtonian and post-Newtonian regimes.Comment: 16 page


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    Recently, Bodla and Bhatti (2007) revisited Davidson and MacKinnon’s (2002) well-known J test and noted that thought the test is simple to compute but lack small sample exact test computation properties. This paper is one of the attempts to compute a new version of the J test and compare its power performance with the various existing tests to see the relative strength of our test to be called as an approximately most powerful test. The main objective of this paper is to study Monte Carlo evidence on finite sample performance of the now modified non-nested tests of mismeasured regression models in EVM, Errors in Variables Models, setting to see if the power performance of the new test.Nonnested models, power & size of a test, Monte Carlo Simulation

    Seismic vulnerability assessment and evaluation of high rise buildings in Islamabad

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    Primarily the aim of this research is to carry out seismic evaluation study of buildings structures in Islamabad in order to propose basic guidelines and suggestions for Pakistan Code. Knowing the important nature of the subject, the earthquake based organizations are serious to compile a document for seismic threatened countries and areas. It is aimed that the document will work as a guideline source for the seismic evaluation, calculation and assessment of strength, behavior and expected performance and also the safety of already existing buildings. This study is based on review of already available documents on seismic vulnerability and evaluation of present buildings at different sites is carried out in order to know the key components of this very procedure so that it can be used in Pakistan and also in other developing countries as well. This would not only be robust, safe and reliable, but also can be convenient to use within the domain of available resources. ASCE 31-03 guidelines among the available documents are considered to be a suitable and the most reliable for to be in Pakistan
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