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    Multi-Sensor Image Fusion Based on Moment Calculation

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    An image fusion method based on salient features is proposed in this paper. In this work, we have concentrated on salient features of the image for fusion in order to preserve all relevant information contained in the input images and tried to enhance the contrast in fused image and also suppressed noise to a maximum extent. In our system, first we have applied a mask on two input images in order to conserve the high frequency information along with some low frequency information and stifle noise to a maximum extent. Thereafter, for identification of salience features from sources images, a local moment is computed in the neighborhood of a coefficient. Finally, a decision map is generated based on local moment in order to get the fused image. To verify our proposed algorithm, we have tested it on 120 sensor image pairs collected from Manchester University UK database. The experimental results show that the proposed method can provide superior fused image in terms of several quantitative fusion evaluation index.Comment: 5 pages, International Conferenc