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    Combinatorics of r-Dyck paths, r-Parking functions, and the r-Tamari lattices

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    This paper's aim is to present recent combinatorial considerations on r-Dyck paths, r-Parking functions, and the r-Tamari lattices. Giving a better understanding of the combinatorics of these objects has become important in view of their (conjectural) role in the description of the graded character of the Sn-modules of bivariate and trivariate diagonal coinvariant spaces for the symmetric group.Comment: 36 pages, 12 figure

    Tensorial square of the Hyperoctahedral group Coinvariant Space

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    The purpose of this paper is to give an explicit description of the trivial and alternating components of the irreducible representation decomposition of the bigraded module obtained as the tensor square of the coinvariant space for hyperoctahedral groups.Comment: 27 page

    Invariant and coinvariant spaces for the algebra of symmetric polynomials in non-commuting variables

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    We analyze the structure of the algebra N of symmetric polynomials in non-commuting variables in so far as it relates to its commutative counterpart. Using the "place-action" of the symmetric group, we are able to realize the latter as the invariant polynomials inside the former. We discover a tensor product decomposition of N analogous to the classical theorems of Chevalley, Shephard-Todd on finite reflection groups.Comment: 14 page

    New Formulas and Conjectures for the Nabla Operator

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    The operator nabla, introduced by Garsia and the author, plays a crucial role in many aspect of the study of diagonal harmonics. Besides giving several new formulas involving this operator, we show how one is lead to representation theoretic explanations for conjectures about the effect of this operator on Schur functions.Comment: 13 page

    Multivariate Diagonal Coinvariant Spaces for Complex Reflection Groups

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    For finite complex reflexion groups, we consider the graded WW-modules of diagonally harmonic polynomials in rr sets of variables, and show that associated Hilbert series may be described in a global manner, independent of the value of rr.Comment: 12 pages, Removed a (wrong) conjecture, and reformulated in agreement. Also cleared up section on low degree term

    Some remarkable new Plethystic Operators in the Theory of Macdonald Polynomials

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    In the 90's a collection of Plethystic operators were introduced in [3], [7] and [8] to solve some Representation Theoretical problems arising from the Theory of Macdonald polynomials. This collection was enriched in the research that led to the results which appeared in [5], [6] and [9]. However since some of the identities resulting from these efforts were eventually not needed, this additional work remained unpublished. As a consequence of very recent publications [4], [11], [19], [20], [21], a truly remarkable expansion of this theory has taken place. However most of this work has appeared in a language that is virtually inaccessible to practitioners of Algebraic Combinatorics. Yet, these developments have led to a variety of new conjectures in [2] in the Combinatorics and Symmetric function Theory of Macdonald Polynomials. The present work results from an effort to obtain in an elementary and accessible manner all the background necessary to construct the symmetric function side of some of these new conjectures. It turns out that the above mentioned unpublished results provide precisely the tools needed to carry out this project to its completion
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