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    The Mod-2 Cohomology Ring of the Third Conway Group is Cohen-Macaulay

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    By explicit machine computation we obtain the mod-2 cohomology ring of the third Conway group Co_3. It is Cohen-Macaulay, has dimension 4, and is detected on the maximal elementary abelian 2-subgroups.Comment: 12 pages; writing style now more concis

    A New Challenge: Testing the Video Course

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    This paper offers some preliminary thoughts on the testing ofvideo courses, including a review of the literature and an examinationof the research on the subject. The unique characteristics ofvideo courses suggest that different language learning outcomes maybe expected, which means that creating appropriate tests is thereforea new challenge for language teachers. The paper lists subtesttypes, and gives an example of a test used by the authors. Based onthis experience, a number of guidelines are offered regarding thecreation of appropriate tests, and a direction for future research inthe area is suggested

    How to Have a Successful Retirement

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    What is retirement? Retirement is the years that an individual is able to enjoy after spending a majority of their life devoted to their career. A successful retirement is not a birthright; it is something that an individual must earn through hard work and proper planning. This paper identifies ten important commandments that are both necessary and helpful in achieving a successful retirement

    Carbon offers advantages as implant material in human body

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    Because of such characteristics as high strength and long-term biocompatability, aerospace carbonaceous materials may be used as surgical implants to correct pathological conditions in the body resulting from disease or injury. Examples of possible medical uses include bone replacement, implantation splints and circulatory bypass implants

    An algebraic model for chains on ΩBG^p

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