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    Computation of effective dynamic properties of naturally fractured reservoirs: Comparison and validation of methods

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    An alternative to mode fitting

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    The space mission CoRoT provides us with a large amount of high-duty cycle long-duration observations. Mode fitting has proven to be efficient for the complete and detailed analysis of the oscillation pattern, but remains time consuming. Furthermore, the photometric background due to granulation severely complicates the analysis. Therefore, we attempt to provide an alternative to mode fitting, for the determination of large separations. With the envelope autocorrelation function and a dedicated filter, it is possible to measure the variation of the large separation independently for the ridges with even and odd degrees. The method appears to be as accurate as the mode fitting. It can be very easily implemented and is very rapid.Comment: Proceedings of the 4th HELAS International Conference held in Lanzarote, 201

    Symmetric differentials on complex hyperbolic manifolds with cusps

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    Let (X,D)(X, D) be a logarithmic pair, and let hh be a singular metric on the tangent bundle, smooth on the open part of XX. We give sufficient conditions on the curvature of hh for the logarithmic and the standard cotangent bundles to be big. As an application, we give a metric proof of the bigness of logarithmic cotangent bundle on any toroidal compactification of a bounded symmetric domain. Then, we use this singular metric approach to study the bigness and the nefness of the standard tangent bundle in the more specific case of the ball. We obtain effective ramification orders for a cover Xâ€Č⟶XX' \longrightarrow X, \'{e}tale outside the boundary, to have all its subvarieties with big cotangent bundle. We also prove that the standard tangent bundle of such a cover is nef if the ramification is high enough. Moreover, the ramification orders we obtain do not depend on the dimension of the quotient of the ball we consider

    Muon Spectrometer Phase-I Upgrade for the ATLAS Experiment: the New Small Wheel project

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    The instantaneous luminosity of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN will be increased by up to a factor of five to seven with respect to the design value. To maintain an excellent detection and background rejection capability in the forward region of the ATLAS detector, part of the muon detection system will be upgraded during LHC shutdown periods with the replacement of part of the present first station in the forward regions with the so-called New Small Wheels (NSWs). The NSWs will have a diameter of approximately 10 m and will be made of two detector technologies: Micromegas and small-strip Thin Gap Chambers (sTGC). The physics motivation for this significant upgrade to the ATLAS detector will be presented. The design choices made to address the physics needs will be discussed. Finally, the status of the production of the detector modules will be presented.Comment: 10 pages, presented at CIPANP 201

    Recent CMS Results on Forward and Small-x QCD Physics

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    Recent CMS results on Forward and Small-x QCD Physics are presented. Those include the measurement of the Underlying Event activity and the study of jet production at large rapidity separation.Comment: 4 pages, 2 figures, proceedings of Physics at LHC 2012, 4-9 June 2012, UBC, Vancouver, B