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    Kelly\u27s Rock Of Gibralter

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    Kelly, Kentucky! Stop here three minutes. Next stop Hopkinsville. A town like a million others. Hay, feed and grain shed and a dinky little station. A small boy, whose pants were patched with flesh, and a dog mooching on the platform. Everyone on the day coach gives Kelly one look and one sigh and pulls in his neck. Just another three-minute stop


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    Nurses\u27 Alumnae Association Bulletin - Volume 5 Number 8

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    Calling All Nurses Financial Report Calendar of Events Lest You Forget! Attention Review of the Alumnae Association Meetings President\u27s Report Barton Memorial Division Oxygen Therapy Welcome, White Haven Alumnae Clinical Use of Penicillin in Infections of the Ears, Nose and Throat Address - Graduation of Nurses, 1945 Miscellaneous Items The Blood that Kills The Story of Malaria Program Prizes - May, 1946 Capping Exercises The Economic Security Program of the Pennsylvania State Nurses\u27 Association The Clara Melville Scholarship Fund Card of Thanks The Poet\u27s Corner The Hospital Pharmacy Jefferson Medical College Hospital School of Nursing Faculty Jefferson Hospital Gray Lady Unite, A.R.R. The Volunteer Nurses\u27 Aides Salute Jefferson Nurses Changes in the Staff at Jefferson Hospital Red Cross Recruits Did You Know That The Pennsylvania Nurse Medical College News Magazine and Newspaper Items Central Dressing Room and Transfusion Unit Rules Concerning Central Dressing Room Radios and Electrical Appliances Attending College Nurses in Anesthesia Condolences Marriages New Arrivals Deaths The Bulletin Committee Attention, Alumnae New Addresse

    Intracerebral delivery of 5-iodo-2'-deoxyuridine in combination with synchrotron stereotactic radiation for the therapy of the F98 glioma.

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    International audienceIodine-enhanced synchrotron stereotactic radiotherapy takes advantage of the radiation dose-enhancement produced by high-Z elements when irradiated with mono-energetic beams of synchrotron X-rays. In this study it has been investigated whether therapeutic efficacy could be improved using a thymidine analogue, 5-iodo-2'-deoxyuridine (IUdR), as a radiosentizing agent. IUdR was administered intracerebrally over six days to F98 glioma-bearing rats using Alzet osmotic pumps, beginning seven days after tumor implantation. On the 14th day, a single 15 Gy dose of 50 keV synchrotron X-rays was delivered to the brain. Animals were followed until the time of death and the primary endpoints of this study were the mean and median survival times. The median survival times for irradiation alone, chemotherapy alone or their combination were 44, 32 and 46 days, respectively, compared with 24 days for untreated controls. Each treatment alone significantly increased the rats' survival in comparison with the untreated group. Their combination did not, however, significantly improve survival compared with that of X-irradiation alone or chemotherapy alone. Further studies are required to understand why the combination of chemoradiotherapy was no more effective than X-irradiation alone

    Group Care and Young Children

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    Adults’ number-line estimation strategies: Evidence from eye movements

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    Although the development of number-line estimation ability is well documented, little is known of the processes underlying successful estimators’ mappings of numerical information onto spatial representations during these tasks. We tracked adults’ eye movements during a number-line estimation task to investigate the processes underlying number-to-space translation, with three main results. First, eye movements were strongly related to the target number’s location, and early processing measures directly predicted later estimation performance. Second, fixations and estimates were influenced by the size of the first number presented, indicating that adults calibrate their estimates online. Third, adults’ number-line estimates demonstrated patterns of error consistent with the predictions of psychophysical models of proportion estimation, and eye movement data predicted the specific error patterns we observed. These results support proportion-based accounts of number-line estimation and suggest that adults’ translation of numerical information into spatial representations is a rapid, online process

    Contextual Predictors of Mental Health Service Use Among Children Opento Child Welfare

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    Children involved with child welfare systems are at high risk for emotional and behavioral problems. Many children with identified mental health problems do not receive care, especially ethnic/minority children

    The clinical spectrum of limb girdle muscular dystrophy. A survey in the Netherlands

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    A cross-sectional study was performed in the Netherlands to define the clinical characteristics of the various subtypes within the broad and heterogeneous entity of limb girdle muscular dystrophy (LGMD). An attempt was made to include all known cases of LGMD in the Netherlands. Out of the reported 200 patients, 105 who fulfilled strictly defined criteria were included. Forty-nine patients, mostly suffering from dystrophinopathies and facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy, appeared to be misdiagnosed. Thirty-four cases were sporadic, 42 patients came from autosomal recessive and 29 from autosomal dominant families. The estimated prevalence of LGMD in the Netherlands was at least 8.1 x 10-6. The clinical features of the autosomal recessive and sporadic cases were indistinguishable from those of the autosomal dominant patients, although half hypertrophy was seen more frequently, and the course of the disease was more severe in autosomal recessive and sporadic cases. The pectoralis, iliopsoas and gluteal muscles, hip adductors and hamstrings were the most affected muscles. Distal muscle involvement occurred late in the course of the disease. Facial weakness was a rare phenomenon. The severity of the clinical picture was correlated with a deteriorating lung function. All autosomal dominantly inherited cases showed a mild course, although in two families life-expectancy was reduced because of concomitant cardiac involvement
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