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    A Strong Constraint on Ever-Present Lambda

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    We show that the causal set approach to creating an ever-present cosmological 'constant' in the expanding universe is strongly constrained by the isotropy of the microwave background. Fluctuations generated by stochastic lambda generation which are consistent with COBE and WMAP observations are far too small to dominate the expansion dynamics at z<1000 and so cannot explain the observed late-time acceleration of the universe. We also discuss other observational constraints from the power spectrum of galaxy clustering and show that the theoretical possibility of ever-present lambda arises only in 3+1 dimensional space-times.Comment: 5 pages, minor additions, published versio

    Simple Types of Anisotropic Inflation

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    We display some simple cosmological solutions of gravity theories with quadratic Ricci curvature terms added to the Einstein-Hilbert lagrangian which exhibit anisotropic inflation. The Hubble expansion rates are constant and unequal in three orthogonal directions. We describe the evolution of the simplest of these homogeneous and anisotropic cosmological models from its natural initial state and evaluate the deviations they will create from statistical isotropy in the fluctuations produced during a period of anisotropic inflation. The anisotropic inflation is not a late-time attractor in these models but the rate of approach to a final isotropic de Sitter state is slow and is conducive to the creation of observable anisotropic statistical effects in the microwave background. The statistical anisotropy would not be scale invariant and the level of statistical anisotropy will grow with scale.Comment: 8pages, 3 figs v2:refs added, typos fixe