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    Quasi-Fuchsian AdS representations are Anosov

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    In a recent paper, Q. M\'erigot proved that representations in SO(2,n) of uniform lattices of SO(1,n) which are Anosov in the sense of Labourie are quasi-Fuchsian, i.e. are faithfull, discrete, and preserve an acausal subset in the boundary of anti-de Sitter space. In the present paper, we prove the reverse implication. It also includes: -- A construction of Dirichlet domains in the context of anti-de Sitter geometry, -- A proof that spatially compact globally hyperbolic anti-de Sitter spacetimes with acausal limit set admit locally CAT(-1) Cauchy hypersurfaces

    Pseudo-Anosov flows in toroidal manifolds

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    We first prove rigidity results for pseudo-Anosov flows in prototypes of toroidal 3-manifolds: we show that a pseudo-Anosov flow in a Seifert fibered manifold is up to finite covers topologically equivalent to a geodesic flow and we show that a pseudo-Anosov flow in a solv manifold is topologically equivalent to a suspension Anosov flow. Then we study the interaction of a general pseudo-Anosov flow with possible Seifert fibered pieces in the torus decomposition: if the fiber is associated with a periodic orbit of the flow, we show that there is a standard and very simple form for the flow in the piece using Birkhoff annuli. This form is strongly connected with the topology of the Seifert piece. We also construct a large new class of examples in many graph manifolds, which is extremely general and flexible. We construct other new classes of examples, some of which are generalized pseudo-Anosov flows which have one prong singularities and which show that the above results in Seifert fibered and solvable manifolds do not apply to one prong pseudo-Anosov flows. Finally we also analyse immersed and embedded incompressible tori in optimal position with respect to a pseudo-Anosov flow.Comment: 44 pages, 4 figures. Version 2. New section 9: questions and comments. Overall revision, some simplified proofs, more explanation

    Prescribing Gauss curvature of surfaces in 3-dimensional spacetimes, Application to the Minkowski problem in the Minkowski space

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    We study the existence of surfaces with constant or prescribed Gauss curvature in certain Lorentzian spacetimes. We prove in particular that every (non-elementary) 3-dimensional maximal globally hyperbolic spatially compact spacetime with constant non-negative curvature is foliated by compact spacelike surfaces with constant Gauss curvature. In the constant negative curvature case, such a foliation exists outside the convex core. The existence of these foliations, together with a theorem of C. Gerhardt, yield several corollaries. For example, they allow to solve the Minkowski problem in the 3-dimensional Minkowski space for datas that are invariant under the action of a co-compact Fuchsian group
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