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    The tensor Goldstone multiplet for partially broken supersymmetry

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    We show that the tensor gauge multiplet of N=1 supersymmetry can serve as the Goldstone multiplet for partially broken rigid N=2 supersymmetry. We exploit a remarkable analogy with the Goldstone-Maxwell multiplet of hep-th/9608177 to find its nonlinear transformation law and its invariant Goldstone action. We demonstrate that the tensor multiplet has two dualities. The first transforms it into the chiral Goldstone multiplet; the other leaves it invariant.Comment: 7 pages, Latex. Expanded discussion of duality symmetrie

    Radion effective theory in the detuned Randall-Sundrum model

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    We compute the two-derivative low-energy effective action for the radion in the (supersymmetric) Randall-Sundrum scenario with detuned brane tensions. At the classical level, a potential automatically stabilizes the distance between the branes. In the supersymmetric case, supersymmetry can be broken spontaneously by a vacuum expectation value for the fifth component of the graviphoton.Comment: 17 pages. JHEP class. New Appendix. Published versio

    Supersymmetry breaking by Wilson lines in AdS5_5

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    In the Randall-Sundrum compactification of AdS5_5 with detuned brane tensions, supersymmetry can be spontaneously broken by a non-trivial Wilson line for the graviphoton. The supersymmetry breaking vanishes in the tuned limit. This effect is equivalent to supersymmetry breaking by Scherk-Schwarz boundary conditions.Comment: 7 pages, minor changes. Version to be published in Phys. Lett.

    Singular gauge transformations and supersymmetry breakdown on warped orbifolds

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    We have analyzed the breakdown of global supersymmetry by a non-vanishing expectation value of the fifth component of the graviphoton on warped S^1/Z_2 orbifolds. It has been demonstrated that the setups where such a breakdown is possible correspond to the models where the true gauge symmetry on the orbifold, respecting the Z_2-parities and periodicity, is broken by boundary terms. In the tuned models, giving Randall-Sundrum warp factor, gauge symmetry stays intact, and any can be gauged away without violating supersymmetry.Comment: 11 pages, Latex, version published in Phys. Lett.

    The Status of Supersymmetry

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    Supersymmetry searches are about to enter an important new era. With LEP 200 and the Main Injector, they will, for the first time, begin to probe significant regions of the supersymmetric parameter space. There is a real chance that supersymmetry might indeed be found before the advent of the LHC.Comment: Invited talk given at PbarP95, May 9-13, 1995, Fermilab. This summary is intended for experimentalist
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