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    Nanoparticles : between food handling and skin penetration

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    Analytical profiling, modeling and transdermal/transmucosal characteristics of bioactive N-alkylamides

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    N-alkylamides are a group of bioactive molecules found in several plants. Extracts and formulations derived from these plants are not only used orally, but are applied on the skin and buccal mucosa as well. However, there is no specific information available about the intrinsic local pharmacokinetics of N-alkylamides after topical application, questioning the role of this mode of administration. Therefore, we investigated the transdermal and transmucosal behaviour of spilanthol, a prominent N-alkylamide, in a commercial Spilanthes extract, two mouth gels and different propylene glycol (PG)/H20 solutions

    Upset Recovery Control for Quadrotors Subjected to a Complete Rotor Failure from Large Initial Disturbances

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    This study has developed a fault-tolerant controller that is able to recover a quadrotor from arbitrary initial orientations and angular velocities, despite the complete failure of a rotor. This cascaded control method includes a position/altitude controller, an almost-global convergence attitude controller, and a control allocation method based on quadratic programming. As a major novelty, a constraint of undesirable angular velocity is derived and fused into the control allocator, which significantly improves the recovery performance. For validation, we have conducted a set of Monte-Carlo simulation to test the reliability of the proposed method of recovering the quadrotor from arbitrary initial attitude/rate conditions. In addition, real-life flight tests have been performed. The results demonstrate that the post-failure quadrotor can recover after being casually tossed into the air.Comment: 7 pages, 9 figures, accepted by International Conference of Robotics and Automation (ICRA) 202
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