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    Anti-de Sitter branes with Neveu-Schwarz and Ramond-Ramond backgrounds

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    We review some facts about AdS2xS2 branes in AdS3xS3 with a Neveu-Schwarz background, and consider the case of Ramond-Ramond backgrounds. We compute the spectrum of quadratic fluctuations in the low-energy approximation and discuss the open-string geometry.Comment: 8 pages, uses JHEP3.cl

    (Half) a Lecture on D-branes

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    This is a concise foreword to, rather than a review of D-brane physics.Comment: 20 pages, Latex. To appear in Proceedings of the Workshop on Gauge Theories, Applied Supersymmetry and Quantum Gravity (Imperial College, London, July 1996). Two misprints in eqs. (3.24) and (3.25) correcte

    High Energy Scattering on Distant Branes

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    We consider the elastic scattering of two open strings living on two D-branes separated by a distance rr. We compute the high-energy behavior of the amplitude, to leading order in string coupling, as a function of the scattering angle ϕ\phi and of the dimensionless parameter v=r/(πα′s)v= r/(\pi\alpha^\prime\sqrt{s}) with s\sqrt{s} the center-of-mass energy. The result exhibits an interesting phase diagram in the (v,ϕ)(v,\phi) plane, with a transition at the production threshold for stretched strings at v=1v=1. We also discuss some more general features of the open-string semiclassical world-sheets, and use T-duality to give a quantum tunneling interpretation of the exponential suppression at high-energy.Comment: JHEP class, 18 pages, 8 figure
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