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    Scalar Mediated FCNC at the First Muon Collider

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    In the most general two-Higgs doublet model (generally referred to as Model III), tree level flavor changing neutral couplings exist. It has been noted that the most natural value for such a coupling is of the order of the geometric mean of the Yukawa couplings of the two fermions. Bounds on those couplings that involve the second and third generations, from ŌĄ,B,D\tau,B,D and őľ\mu physics, are very weak and are not sensitive to this "natural" value. In this paper, it is pointed out that the process \mu\mu ---> \mu\tau, at a muon collider tuned to the scalar resonance, will easily reach this sensitivity if the scalar mass is below 140 GeV. Hundreds of events are expected for an integrated luminosity of an inverse femtobarn, and there appears to be no background. Failure to observe this process, if the scalar is below 140 GeV, would effectively rule out Model III.Comment: Paragraph added and other wording changed in introduction, some wording changes in text. Calculation unaffected. Version to appear in Phys. Lett.

    Witch 54 Flight

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    An Air Force colonel pilot faces an emergency on her refueling plane and saves the day. Articles, stories, and other compositions in this archive were written by participants in the Mighty Pen Project. The program, developed by author David L. Robbins, and in partnership with Virginia Commonwealth University and the Virginia War Memorial in Richmond, Virginia, offers veterans and their family members a customized twelve-week writing class, free of charge. The program encourages, supports, and assists participants in sharing their stories and experiences of military experience so both writer and audience may benefit

    Conflicts of Jurisdiction in the Antitrust Field: The Example of Export Cartels

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    Förbehandling av bioslam för ökad biogasproduktion Eftersom bioslam från aktivslamsteget i reningsprocessen ger en lägre metanproduktion än primärslam bör förbehandlingen ske på bioslam. Effekten av olika förbehandlingsmetoder är dock svårbedömd och ofta erhålls inget positivt energiutbyte då energin av ökad produktion av biogas kan vara mindre än tillförd energi vid behandlingen. Vissa förbehandlingsmetoder som ozonering kan vid överdosering oxidera substrat och ge minskad biogasproduktion   Litteraturstudien kompletterades med mätning av biometanpotential efter förbehandling av bioslam (Khayi, 2014). Som förbehandlingsmetoder valdes frysning (djupfryst och lättfryst) och uppvärmning. Vid 35 dagars rötning producerade djupfryst slam 221 Nml CH4/g VS, lättfryst 115 Nml CH4/g VS, det uppvärmt 181 Nml CH4/g VS och det obehandlade (referens) 148 Nml CH4/g VS (Nml, normalmilliliter är gasvolym omräknad till en atmosfärs tryck). Djupfrysning och uppvärmning ökade biogasproduktionen medan lättfrysning gav minskad biogasproduktion.   Uppgradering av biogas Vid uppgradering separeras koldioxid från biogasen varvid metangas erhålles.  Uppgradering kan ske genom att koldioxiden absorberas av ett fast (PSA-teknik med zeoliter eller aktivt kol) eller flytande medium (vattenskrubber, polyetylenglykol eller monoetanolamin) eller med membranteknik. Investeringskostnaden för uppgradering är starkt beroende av storleken på anläggningen snarare än av vilken teknik som används, men vid små är investeringskostnaden för membranteknik något lägre.   Genom intern metananrikning i rötkammaren kan metanhalten i den producerade biogasen ökas. Detta åstadkommes genom att koldioxid avdrivs från slam som sedan återförs till rötkammaren.QC 20140902</p

    Getting beta-alpha without penguins

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    Oscillation effects in B0 -> Ks D0 and related processes are considered to determine delta=beta-alpha+pi. We suggest that D0 decays to CP eigenstates used in concert with inclusive D0 decays provide a powerful method for determining delta cleanly i.e. without any complication from penguin processes. The CP asymmetry is expected to be <=40% for D0 decays to non-CP eigenstates and <=80% for decays to CP eigenstates. This method can lead to a fairly accurate determination of delta with O(10^8-10^9) B-mesons.Comment: 4 pages 1 figure; Version 2: minor changes; references added; Some changes in response to Referee Comment

    Enhanced effects on extracting \gamma from untagged B^0 and B_s decays

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    The weak phase \gamma can be determined using untagged B^0\to DK_S or B_s\to D\phi, D\eta^{(')} decays. In the past, the small lifetime difference y\equiv \Delta\Gamma/(2\Gamma) has been neglected in B^0, while the CP violating parameter \epsilon\equiv 1-|q/p|^2 has been neglected in both B^0-\bar B^0 and B_s-\bar B_s mixing. We estimate the effect of neglecting y and \epsilon. We find that in D decays to flavor states this introduces a systematic error, which is enhanced by a large ratio of Cabibbo-allowed to doubly Cabibbo-suppressed D decay amplitudes.Comment: one reference added, to be submitted for publication in Physics Letters
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