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    In the Dock. Examining the UK’s Criminal Justice Response to Trafficking.

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    This document is part of a digital collection provided by the Martin P. Catherwood Library, ILR School, Cornell University, pertaining to the effects of globalization on the workplace worldwide. Special emphasis is placed on labor rights, working conditions, labor market changes, and union organizing.ASI_2013_SUK_UK_In_the_dock.pdf: 350 downloads, before Oct. 1, 2020.0-ASI_2013_SUK_UK_In the dock summary.pdf: 18 downloads, before Oct. 1, 2020

    Distinctive or Professionalised? Understanding the Postsecular in Faith-Based Responses to Trafficking, Forced Labour and Slavery in the UK

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    This article examines the intersection of religious faith and the ‘fight against modern slavery’ in the UK, as yet unexplored in sociological literature. Analysis of faith-based organisations’ activities in this area challenges understandings of a postsecular rapprochement between faith and secular actors – where postsecular is used by some scholars to refer to the re-emergence of faith in the public sphere, and where we understand rapprochement to mean the placing of equal value on faith-based and secular worldviews. Our research reveals that faith-based organisations in the anti-trafficking/modern slavery third sector operate on a ‘dual register’, secularising as they professionalise their public face, while retaining religious distinctiveness when engaging with co-religionists. We argue that, rather than evidence of a genuine two-way postsecular rapprochement, it seems that faith-based organisations in this sector are prioritising secular modalities, meaning the learning process is one-sided rather than complementary

    Separated and Trafficked Children: The Challenges for Child Protection Professionals

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    Unaccompanied asylum-seeking children are one of the most vulnerable groups of children and those who have been trafficked present with additional needs, posing new challenges for child protection professionals. Drawing on a research programme commissioned to inform policy and practice in Glasgow, this paper identifies issues emerging for practitioners working with separated children who have been trafficked. The commitment of frontline staff and increased multiagency working appear to be positive aspects of the work. Initial identification and assessment present a major challenge for reasons including cultural issues, the trauma and fear of children affecting engagement and the potential for ongoing contact with traffickers to compromise safeguarding. Trafficking is a particularly complex area of child protection work, made more problematic by the international dimensions to the trade and the absence of a clear definition and conceptual framework that can fully inform interventions and practice

    Child Trafficking: Characteristics, Complexities, and Challenges

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    Child trafficking is a complex and far-reaching problem that presents various challenges for analysis and intervention. In this chapter, we provide a broad, inclusive and nuanced introduction to the topic. We begin with an overview of key laws, policies and definitions. We then sketch out some key dimensions to child trafficking, including internal (domestic) versus international trafficking and the broad array of contexts in which trafficked children can be exploited. We critique the overall evidence base on trafficking, highlighting some important shortcomings. We briefly examine the international picture of child trafficking; since individual countries and regions vary in their child trafficking problems and responses, we then focus in on the United Kingdom as a case study. We discuss some specific forms of child trafficking commonly encountered there, considering the associated challenges and complexities: trafficking for child sexual exploitation, drug cultivation, ‘county lines’ criminal exploitation and domestic servitude. We finish by drawing out overall conclusions and implications for future research and responses to child trafficking