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    Noncommutative quantum mechanics of a harmonic oscillator under linearized gravitational waves

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    We consider the quantum dynamics of a harmonic oscillator in noncommutative space under the influence of linearized gravitational waves (GW) in the long wave-length and low-velocity limit. Following the prescription in \cite{ncgw1} we quantize the system. The Hamiltonian of the system is solved by using standard algebraic iterative methods. The solution shows signatures of the coordinate noncommutativity via alterations in the oscillation frequency of the harmonic oscillator system from its commutative counterpart. Moreover, it is found that the response of the harmonic oscillator to periodic GW, when their frequencies match, will oscillate with a time scale imposed by the NC parameter. We expect this noncommutative signature to show up as some noise source in the GW detection experiments since the recent phenomenological upper-bounds set on spatial noncommutative parameter implies a length-scale comparable to the length-variations due to the passage of gravitational waves, detectable in the present day GW detectors.Comment: 6 pages Late

    Equivalence principle in context of large uniform acceleration - a quantum mechanical perspective

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    We study the effect of large acceleration of an uniformly accelerated frame on the validity of weak equivalence principle. Specifically we demonstrate how the behaviour of free quantum particle, as observed by an observer with large uniform acceleration, completely changes from that of a quantum particle emmarsed in a uniform gravitational field. We also extend our analysis to the simplest noncommutative space scenario to show that while spatial noncommutativity does not affect the quantum particle in a gravitational field, it does alter the energy eigenvalues of a quantum particle as seen from a frame with very large uniform acceleration.Comment: 7 pages, laTex, no figur