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    Increased amygdala activity in <i>CACNA1C</i> SNP rs1006737 risk allele carriers.

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    <p>Carriers of the <i>CACNA1C</i> SNP rs1006737 risk allele A have significantly increased activity in the left amygdala in the total sample (xβ€Š=β€Šβˆ’24, yβ€Š=β€Šβˆ’2, zβ€Š=β€Šβˆ’14; FWE Pβ€Š=β€Š0.026) and BD subgroup (xβ€Š=β€Šβˆ’24, yβ€Š=β€Š0, zβ€Š=β€Šβˆ’14; FWE Pβ€Š=β€Š0.041), and non-significantly increased activity in the right amygdala in the total sample (xβ€Š=β€Š26, yβ€Š=β€Š0, zβ€Š=β€Šβˆ’16) and BD subgroup (xβ€Š=β€Š22, yβ€Š=β€Š0, zβ€Š=β€Šβˆ’20) compared with GG homozygotes during a negative faces paradigm. Abbreviations: BD, bipolar disorder; FWE, family-wise error. Threshold for significance in <a href="http://www.plosone.org/article/info:doi/10.1371/journal.pone.0056970#pone-0056970-g001" target="_blank">Figure 1</a> is set to Nominal P<0.05 within the ROI.</p