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    Hypothesis elimination on a quantum computer

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    Hypothesis elimination is a special case of Bayesian updating, where each piece of new data rules out a set of prior hypotheses. We describe how to use Grover's algorithm to perform hypothesis elimination for a class of probability distributions encoded on a register of qubits, and establish a lower bound on the required computational resources.Comment: 8 page

    Decoherence properties of arbitrarily long histories

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    Within the decoherent histories formulation of quantum mechanics, we consider arbitrarily long histories constructed from a fixed projective partition of a finite-dimensional Hilbert space. We review some of the decoherence properties of such histories including simple necessary decoherence conditions and the dependence of decoherence on the initial state. Here we make a first step towards generalization of our earlier results [Scherer and Soklakov, e-print: quant-ph/0405080, (2004) and Scherer et al., Phys. Lett. A, vol. 326, 307, (2004)] to the case of approximate decoherence.Comment: 8 pages, no figure