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    Electron capture across a nuclear resonance in the strong potential Born approximation

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    Abstract. The strong potential Born theory for charge transfer in fast, asymmetric ion-atom collisions has been extended to allow for nuclear resonant scattering using distorted nuclear waves. In the absence of a nuclear resonance, the semiclassical result is recovered. A large variation in the capture probability is found when the projectile energy passes through the resonance. As examples, we present results for the capture from the target K shell in the collisions of protons with 22Ne and 28Si, as well as for capture from the K and L shells of 58Ni in collisions with protons, and of I6O, "Ne and 28Si by He2+ impact. 1

    Charge transfer at large scattering angles in the strong potential Born approximation

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    Abstract. We have calculated the Is-Is charge transfer probability for large projectile scattering angles in asymmetric ion-atom collisions, using the strong-potential Born approximation and including the effect of recoil on the projectile states non-perturbatively. A significant angular dependence is found. Numerical results for Is-Is capture in 0.3-20 MeV proton impact on C and Ne are presented, showing good agreement with recent experimental results. 1

    Elizabeth Thompson: Colonial Citizens: Republican Rights, Paternal Privilege, and Gender in French Syria and Lebanon. New York: Columbia University Press, 2000.

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    In the aftermath of World War I the League of Nations introduced a new type of imperial control, the mandate. According to the League of Nations, mandatory powers were responsible for building government structures and guiding the mandates toward eventual self-government. In reality mandatory powers often undermined progress toward independence, leading many scholars to regard the mandatory period as a tragic gap in the evolution of national identities. In Colonial Citizens, Elizabeth Thompson argues that in Syria and Lebanon, both French mandates, the interwar period was critical in laying the foundations of postcolonial states and citizenship

    Impact-parameter dependence of K-shell ionisation in slow collisioons of near-symmetric relitivistic atoms

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    Abstract. The total K vacancy production probability of both collision partners in a heavy-ion-atom collision is calculated, assuming that two processes contribute, a single-collision process where 2po and 2pa vacancies are created by direct ionisation of the united atom and subsequently redistributed, and a double-collision process where a 2pa vacancy is created in the first collision and partially transferred in the second. The model used for the single-collision process is valid for slow collisions between partners of a combined charge greater than 70. Numerical results are presented for the (I, I) and (I, Ag) systems and show improved agreement with recent experiments. 1
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