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    Optimal network topologies for local search with congestion

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    The problem of searchability in decentralized complex networks is of great importance in computer science, economy and sociology. We present a formalism that is able to cope simultaneously with the problem of search and the congestion effects that arise when parallel searches are performed, and obtain expressions for the average search cost--written in terms of the search algorithm and the topological properties of the network--both in presence and abscence of congestion. This formalism is used to obtain optimal network structures for a system using a local search algorithm. It is found that only two classes of networks can be optimal: star-like configurations, when the number of parallel searches is small, and homogeneous-isotropic configurations, when the number of parallel searches is large.Comment: 4 pages. Final version accepted in PR

    Botulism from Drinking Pruno

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    Foodborne botulism occurred among inmates at 2 prisons in California in 2004 and 2005. In the first outbreak, 4 inmates were hospitalized, 2 of whom required intubation. In the second event, 1 inmate required intubation. Pruno, an alcoholic drink made illicitly in prisons, was the novel vehicle for these cases

    Aggregate dividends and consumption smoothing

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    We show that net equity payouts from the corporate sector play a crucial role in helping individuals manage their consumption path across the business cycle. In particular, we show that, as investors' desire to smooth consumption increases, optimal aggregate dividends become both more volatile and more counter-cyclical to help counterbalance pro-cyclical labor income. These findings are robust to whether or not agency conflicts exist in the economy

    Writing in Britain and Ireland, c. 400 to c. 800

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