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    Six Sigma And Developing Countries

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    Leveraging intelligence from network CDR data for interference aware energy consumption minimization

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    Cell densification is being perceived as the panacea for the imminent capacity crunch. However, high aggregated energy consumption and increased inter-cell interference (ICI) caused by densification, remain the two long-standing problems. We propose a novel network orchestration solution for simultaneously minimizing energy consumption and ICI in ultra-dense 5G networks. The proposed solution builds on a big data analysis of over 10 million CDRs from a real network that shows there exists strong spatio-temporal predictability in real network traffic patterns. Leveraging this we develop a novel scheme to pro-actively schedule radio resources and small cell sleep cycles yielding substantial energy savings and reduced ICI, without compromising the users QoS. This scheme is derived by formulating a joint Energy Consumption and ICI minimization problem and solving it through a combination of linear binary integer programming, and progressive analysis based heuristic algorithm. Evaluations using: 1) a HetNet deployment designed for Milan city where big data analytics are used on real CDRs data from the Telecom Italia network to model traffic patterns, 2) NS-3 based Monte-Carlo simulations with synthetic Poisson traffic show that, compared to full frequency reuse and always on approach, in best case, proposed scheme can reduce energy consumption in HetNets to 1/8th while providing same or better Qo

    Polymer Resonant Waveguide Gratings

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    This chapter deals with the advances in polymeric waveguide gratings for filtering and integrated optics applications. Optical polymer materials are widely used for planar and corrugated micro-optical waveguide grating structures ranging from down a micrometer to several hundred micrometers. Light in a polymeric waveguide is transmitted in discrete modes whose propagation orders depend on incident wavelength, waveguide dimensional parameters, and material properties. Diffracted optical structures are permittivity-modulated microstructures whose micro-relief surface profiles exhibit global/local periodicity. The resonant nature and location of such globally periodic structures (diffraction gratings) excite leaky waveguide modes which couple incident light into reflected/transmitted plane wave diffraction orders. It describes design & analysis, fabrication, and characterization of sub-wavelength polymer grating structures replicated in different polymeric materials (polycarbonate, cyclic olefin copolymer, Ormocomp) by a simple, cost-effective, accurate, and large scale production method. The master stamp (mold) for polymer replication is fabricated with an etchless process with smooth surface profile

    Analysis of Factors Affecting the Stress Level of Female Engineering Students

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    This paper presents factors that affect the stress level of female engineering students The questionnaire is based on the expectations which the female students have of their institutions as well as from their families Randomly collected data from 200 students is analyzed on software MINITAB 14 Six sigma techniques of Affinity diagram Pareto Analysis SIPOC analysis Cause and Effect matrix and Scatter plots are used It is observed that teachers discouraging attitude to take females on industrial trips and lack of class tests during the academic session are the most critical factors This work can guide the teachers as well as the educational leaders to precisely focus their resources for minimizing stress among female engineering student

    Strategy and Factors Affecting the Supply Chain of Manufacturing Industries in Saudi Arabia

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    Supply chain management is becoming very important in the agile manufacturing industries of nowadays. It is imperative to study the strategy and factors affecting the integration of supply chain management in company’s operating divisions. Forecasting and quality functions should be integrated in supply chains. It is assumed that SCM can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of company’s transformation process. Hence it is important for companies in Saudi Arabia to follow this trend and began implementing SCM to squeeze the excessive fat out of their operations. The paper will start by general introduction with an overview about supply chain management. Then, it will summarize the theoretical background for strategy. In next section method and research methodology will be discussed with analysis of results. Finally, the paper will close with a conclusion Keywords: Supply Chain Management, Strategy, Factors, Manufacturing industries, Lean and Agile Supply Chain

    Is Supply Chain Management Important To Implement In Manufacturing Industries of Saudi Arabia?

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    Supply Chain management is becoming very crucial for the survival of world class enterprises. Economic slowdowns are pronouncing major stresses to keep critical products & suppliers moving, manage inventory levels efficiently and maintain productivity. In this paper we intend to emphasize on studying the existing supply chain of Saudi Arabia. SCOR model would be utilized to interpret the problems in SCM and generate alternative solution. Performance measurement methods would be induced to monitor performance, reveal progress, enhance motivation and diagnose problems in Saudi Manufacturing Industries . The paper will start by general introduction with an overview about supply chain management. Then, it will summarize the literature work that has been done so far with advantages of supply chain management. In next section, problem definition and analysis approach will be discussed. Finally, the paper will close with a conclusion Keywords: Supply Chain Management, Supply Chain Performance, Manufacturing indutsry, SCOR, Performance Managemen

    The Relationship between the WES Interventions and the Incidence of Diarrhoea

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    Access to clean drinking water and sanitation facilities have a direct positive impact on health through prevention of water-borne diseases, especially diarrhoeal morbidity of children. Lack of WES (Water and Environmental Sanitation) services and poor hygiene practices in Pakistan contribute significantly to the prevalence of diarrhoea, a major cause of infant death and children less than five years of age. The estimates show that about 30 percent of total deaths among children are attributed to diarrhoeal disease [Gallup (2001); UNICEF (2000)], and 4.1 years in life expectancy can be added if water borne diseases are eliminated [Ali and Haq (2003)]. Hence, reduction of diarrhoeal morbidity stands out as an important policy goal, which can ultimately lead to reduction in infant/child mortality. In this paper, we shall examine the relationship of WES interventions with that of the incidence of diarrhoea among children under age 10.

    Women’s Autonomy and Happiness: The Case of Pakistan

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    It is generally believed that “autonomy” brings happiness and satisfaction in women’s lives. In this study we examine whether or not the established autonomy indicators are a source of “happiness” for Pakistani women. By using the nationally representative data, only two indicators, i.e., “women’s education” and “decisionmaking authority”, prove to be important factors in finding “very happy” status in women’s life. Additionally, “possession of assets” also proves to be an important factor in providing the “very happy” status in a women’s life. However, the “possession and utilisation of assets” and “going alone outside the house” are not important indicators of a “very happy” status in women’s life in Pakistan and “Labour force participation” is indicative of unhappiness. The results of this study show that not all established indicators of autonomy bring about happiness in the lives of Pakistani women. This is because Pakistani society differs from other societies, in particular the western society, and hence the concept of “autonomy” in bringing about “happiness” in the lives of Pakistani women yields effects different from those in other societies. Thus, there is a need to focus on the advocacy of only those autonomy variables which lead to happiness in a woman’s life, which is the end-goal for women, who form a vital part of the society.Women
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