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    Young classes of permutations

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    We characterise those classes of permutations having the property that for every tableau shape either every permutation of that shape or no permutation of that shape belongs to the class. The characterisation is in terms of the dominance order for partitions (and their conjugates) and shows that for any such class there is a constant k such that no permutation in the class can contain both an increasing and a decreasing sequence of length k.Comment: 11 pages, this is the final version as accepted by the Australasian Journal of Combinatorics. Some more minor typos have been correcte

    1st Report of the Working Group on Standard Development

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    The initial meeting of the working group on standard development took place at the 1st SAFO-Workshop, September 2003, in Florence. In accordance with the main topic of the Workshop, the discussion was primarily focused on the relationship between socio-economic aspects of the standards and the issue of animal health and food safety in organic farming. The report cover the additional issues discussed in the 1st Working Group meeting in Florence