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    Semiotics Analysis of Cibuntu Tourism Village Logo

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    Cibuntu Tourism Village is located in Pesawahan District, Kuningan Regency, West Java. Its ancient heritage and racial landscape have made the Cibuntu Tourism Village win national and international awards in the community-based tourism category. In this study, the visual identity of Cibuntu Tourism Village was dissected and analyzed using the semiotics perspective of Roland Barthes. Data collection techniques in this study used interviews, observation and literature reviews. Through semiotics analysis it was found that the Cibuntu Tourism Village logo did not represent the characteristics of the village. Further research is needed in the form of designing visual identity with the rules of the logo with the approach of natural characteristics and the warmth of the village has made it easier for consumers to reflect on the experience of visiting this village. Keywords: Logo, Semiotics, Cibuntu Villag

    Analisis Strategi Komunikasi Partai Politik Baru Dalam Meningkatkan Partisipasi Politik Pemilih Pemula (Studi kasus DPD Partai Solidaritas Indonesia Kota Parepare)

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    Partisipasi politik pemilih pemula di Indonesia, khususnya di Kota Parepare, terbilang rendah. Hal ini menjadi perhatian ketika memasuki pemilu serentak pada tahun 2019 yang merupakan pemilu pertama di Indonesia dimana pemilihan legislatif dan eksekutif dilaksanakan secara bersamaan. Oleh karena itu, partai politik baru, utamanya partai politik yang khusus menyasar segmen pemilih pemula seperti Partai Solidaritas Indonesia perlu memiliki strategi komunikasi politik yang inovatif dan kreatif untuk menarik minat para pemilih pemula.Hasil analisis penelitian kemudian mengidentifikasi strategi komunikasi politik  yang digunakan oleh Partai Solidaritas Indonesia kota Parepare, Sulawesi Selatan, dalam meningkatkan partisipasi politik pemilih pemula sekaligus meningkatkan perolehan suara, baik pada tataran komunikator, pesan, saluran, komunikan, serta efek dan feedback.Secara umum, usaha Partai Solidaritas Indonesia kota Parepare untuk meraih suara pada pemilu serentak tahun 2019 terbilang gagal, akibat hambatan yang dihadapi partai tersebut, baik yang berasal dari dalam (internal) maupun yang berasal dari luar (eksternal). Namun secara khusus, kehadiran partai ini telah ikut meningkatkan partisipasi politik kelompok muda dan pemilih pemula di kota Parepare

    Key distribution in PKC through Quantas

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    Cryptography literally means "The art & science of secret writing & sending a message between two parties in such a way that its contents cannot be understood by someone other than the intended recipient". and Quantum word is related with "Light". Thus, Quantum Cryptography is a way of descripting any information in the form of quantum particles. There are no classical cryptographic systems which are perfectly secure. In contrast to Classical cryptography which depends upon Mathematics, Quantum Cryptography utilizes the concepts of Quantum Physics which provides us the security against the cleverest marauders of the present age. In the view of increasing need of Network and Information Security, we do require methods to overcome the Molecular Computing technologies (A future technology) and other techniques of the various codebrakers. Both the parts i.e. Quantum Key distribution and Information transference from Sender to Receiver are much efficient and secure. It is based upon BB84 protocol. It can be of great use for Govt. agencies such as Banks, Insurance, Brokerages firms, financial institutions, e-commerce and most important is the Defense & security of any country. It is a Cryptographic communication system in which the original users can detect unauthorized eavesdropper and in addition it gives a guarantee of no eavesdropping. It proves to be the ultra secure mode of communication b/w two intended parties.Comment: 11 Pages, JGraph-Hoc Journal 201

    Online Collaborative Editor

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    “Online collaborative editor” is a node.js based browser application that provides real time collaborative editing of files and improves pair programming. Current real time editors fail to provide simultaneous viewing and editing of files within the server and results in a complex version controlling system. Such systems are also vulnerable to deadlocks and race conditions. This project provides a platform for real time collaborative editors, which can support simultaneous editing and viewing of files and handle concurrency problems by using locking mechanism. The experiment results showed that node.js platform provides good performance for collaborative editing
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