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    Electrical bicycle sharing scheme for medium-scale and large-scale organizations

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    This paper deals with the development of an Electrical Bicycle sharing scheme, in which we are discussing the availability of different types of Electrical Bicycles also about different components available for the development of Electrical bicycles. The proposed scheme uses a simple RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) card or Id-password based locking and unlocking as well as a prepaid charging system, in which time-based charges are fed from the user. Also, this paper discusses the Solar charging system for Electrical bicycles, calculation of the payback period for Electrical bicycles. Lastly, the different benefits of sharing scheme have been included

    On The 2-Spanning Cyclability Of Honeycomb Toroidal Graphs

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    A graph XX is 2-spanning cyclable if for any pair of distinct vertices uu and vv there is a 2-factor of XX consisting of two cycles such that uu and vv belong to distinct cycles. In this paper we examine the 2-spanning cyclability of honeycomb toroidal graphs.Comment: 17 pages, 2 figure

    Using Internal Bar Strength as a Key Indicator for Trading Country ETFs

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    This report aims to investigate the effectiveness of using internal bar strength (IBS) as a key indicator for trading country exchange-traded funds (ETFs). The study uses a quantitative approach to analyze historical price data for a bucket of country ETFs over a period of 10 years and uses the idea of Mean Reversion to create a profitable trading strategy. Our findings suggest that IBS can be a useful technical indicator for predicting short-term price movements in this basket of ETFs