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    Mainstream economics and the Austrian school: toward reunification

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    In this paper, I compare the methodology of the Austrian school to two alternative methodologies from the economic mainstream: the ‘orthodox’ and revealed preference methodologies. I argue that Austrian school theorists should stop describing themselves as ‘extreme apriorists’ (or writing suggestively to that effect), and should start giving greater acknowledgement to the importance of empirical work within their research program. The motivation for this dialectical shift is threefold: the approach is more faithful to their actual practices, it better illustrates the underlying similarities between the mainstream and Austrian research paradigms, and it provides a philosophical foundation that is much more plausible in itself

    Review of: Peter K. LaGoy, Risk Assessment: Principles and Applications for Hazardous Waste and Related Sites (Noyes Publications 1994)

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    Review of the book: Peter K. LaGoy, Risk Assessment: Principles and Applications for Hazardous Waste and Related Sites (Noyes Publications 1994). Appendices, figures, index, notes, preface, references, tables. LC 94-2510; ISBN 0-8155-1349-6. [260 pp. Cloth $48.00. 120 Mill Road, Park Ridge NJ 07656.

    Systematic composition of distributed objects: Processes and sessions

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    We consider a system with the infrastructure for the creation and interconnection of large numbers of distributed persistent objects. This system is exemplified by the Internet: potentially, every appliance and document on the Internet has both persistent state and the ability to interact with large numbers of other appliances and documents on the Internet. This paper elucidates the characteristics of such a system, and proposes the compositional requirements of its corresponding infrastructure. We explore the problems of specifying, composing, reasoning about and implementing applications in such a system. A specific concern of our research is developing the infrastructure to support structuring distributed applications by using sequential, choice and parallel composition, in the anarchic environment where application compositions may be unforeseeable and interactions may be unknown prior to actually occurring. The structuring concepts discussed are relevant to a wide range of distributed applications; our implementation is illustrated with collaborative Java processes interacting over the Internet, but the methodology provided can be applied independent of specific platforms

    On Packing Densities of Set Partitions

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    We study packing densities for set partitions, which is a generalization of packing words. We use results from the literature about packing densities for permutations and words to provide packing densities for set partitions. These results give us most of the packing densities for partitions of the set {1,2,3}\{1,2,3\}. In the final section we determine the packing density of the set partition {{1,3},{2}}\{\{1,3\},\{2\}\}.Comment: 12 pages, to appear in the Permutation Patterns edition of the Australasian Journal of Combinatoric
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