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    Semiclassical approaches to nuclear dynamics

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    The extended Gutzwiller trajectory approach is presented for the semiclassical description of nuclear collective dynamics, in line with the main topics of the fruitful activity of V.G. Solovjov. Within the Fermi-liquid droplet model, the leptodermous effective surface approximation was applied to calculations of energies, sum rules and transition densities for the neutron-proton asymmetry of the isovector giant-dipole resonance and found to be in good agreement with the experimental data. By using the Strutinsky shell correction method, the semiclassical collective transport coefficients such as nuclear inertia, friction, stiffness, and moments of inertia can be derived beyond the quantum perturbation approximation of the response function theory and the cranking model.The averaged particle-number dependence of the low-lying collective vibrational states are described in good agreement with basic experimental data, mainly due to an enhancement of the collective inertia as compared to its irrotational flow value. Shell components of the moment of inertia are derived in terms of the periodic-orbit free-energy shell corrections. A good agreement between the semiclassical extended Thomas-Fermi moments of inertia with shell corrections and the quantum results is obtained for different nuclear deformations and particle numbers. Shell effects are shown to be exponentially dampted out with increasing temperature in all the transport coefficients.Comment: 83 pages, 39 figures, 4 tables, corrected typos and improved Englis

    Do Housing Rehabs Pay Their Way? A National Case Study

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    This research focuses on if housing rehabilitation by community development corporations pays its own way. The recent experience of ten local housing organizations in the Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation network is examined. These organizations assist homeowners in rehabbing existing units and acquire, rehab and transfer units to new occupants. The findings indicate that rehabbed housing units provide substantial benefits to the local economy. The rehabbed units return $0.55, on average, for every local government dollar invested. In addition, economic benefits such as increased property values and tax base, and construction jobs and permanent jobs were created and sustained.

    Stability and Symmetry Breaking in Metal Nanowires

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    A general linear stability analysis of simple metal nanowires is presented using a continuum approach which correctly accounts for material-specific surface properties and electronic quantum-size effects. The competition between surface tension and electron-shell effects leads to a complex landscape of stable structures as a function of diameter, cross section, and temperature. By considering arbitrary symmetry-breaking deformations, it is shown that the cylinder is the only generically stable structure. Nevertheless, a plethora of structures with broken axial symmetry is found at low conductance values, including wires with quadrupolar, hexapolar and octupolar cross sections. These non-integrable shapes are compared to previous results on elliptical cross sections, and their material-dependent relative stability is discussed.Comment: 12 pages, 4 figure