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    Frobenius manifolds, Integrable Hierarchies and Minimal Liouville Gravity

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    We use the connection between the Frobrenius manifold and the Douglas string equation to further investigate Minimal Liouville gravity. We search a solution of the Douglas string equation and simultaneously a proper transformation from the KdV to the Liouville frame which ensure the fulfilment of the conformal and fusion selection rules. We find that the desired solution of the string equation has explicit and simple form in the flat coordinates on the Frobenious manifold in the general case of (p,q) Minimal Liouville gravity.Comment: 17 pages; v2: typos removed, some comments added, minor correction

    Galois Groups in Rational Conformal Field Theory

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    It was established before that fusion rings in a rational conformal field theory (RCFT) can be described as rings of polynomials, with integer coefficients, modulo some relations. We use the Galois group of these relations to obtain a local set of equation for the points of the fusion variety. These equations are sufficient to classify all the RCFT, Galois group by Galois group. It is shown that the Galois group is equivalent to the pseudo RCFT group. We prove that the Galois groups encountered in RCFT are all abelian, implying solvability by radicals of the modular matrix.Comment: 24 pages. Typos correcte

    Stripes in thin ferromagnetic films with out-of-plane anisotropy

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    We examine the T=0 phase diagram of a thin ferromagnetic film with a strong out-of-plane anisotropy in the vicinity of the reorientation phase transition (with Co on Pt as an example). The phase diagram in the anisotropy-applied field plane is universal in the limit where the film thickness is the shortest length scale. It contains uniform fully magnetized and canted phases, as well as periodically nonuniform states: a weakly modulated spin-density wave and strongly modulated stripes. We determine the boundaries of metastability of these phases and point out the existence of a critical point at which the difference between the SDW and stripes vanishes. Out-of-plane magnetization curves exhibit a variety of hysteresis loops caused by the coexistence of one or more phases. Additionally, we study the effect of a system edge on the orientation of stripes. We compare our results with recent experiments.Comment: added references and clarified derivations in response to referee comment

    Comment on ``Magnon wave forms in the presence of a soliton in two--dimensional antiferromagnets with a staggered field''

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    Very recently Fonseca and Pires [Phys. Rev. B 73, 012403(2006)] have studied the soliton--magnon scattering for the isotropic antiferromagnet and calculated ``exact'' phase shifts, which were compared with the ones obtained by the Born approximation. In this Comment we correct both the soliton and magnon solutions and point out the way how to study correctly the scattering problem.Comment: 2 pages (RevTeX
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