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    India-based Neutrino Observatory

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    An introduction to India-based Neutrino Observatory and a brief status report are presented.The two possible sites are described along with their special advantages.The proposed detector and its physics capabilities for atmospheric neutrinos and long-base-line experiments are discussed.Comment: 4 pages, 3 figures; Talk presented at NuFact 03, 5th International Workshop on Neutrino Factories & Superbeams, 5-11, June 2003, Columbia University, New Yor

    Cobimaximal Neutrino Mixing from A4A_4 and its Possible Deviation

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    It has recently been shown that the phenomenologically successful pattern of cobimaximal neutrino mixing (θ130\theta_{13} \neq 0, θ23=π/4\theta_{23} = \pi/4, and δCP=±π/2\delta_{CP} = \pm \pi/2) may be achieved in the context of the non-Abelian discrete symmetry A4A_4, if the neutrino mass matrix is diagonalized by an orthogonal matrix O{\cal O}. We study how this pattern would deviate if O{\cal O} is replaced by an unitary matrix.Comment: 10 pages, no figur

    Generalized Fock Spaces and New Forms of Quantum Statistics

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    The recent discoveries of new forms of quantum statistics require a close look at the under-lying Fock space structure. This exercise becomes all the more important in order to provide a general classification scheme for various forms of statistics, and establish interconnections among them whenever it is possible. We formulate a theory of generalized Fock spaces, which has a three tired structure consisting of Fock space, statistics and algebra. This general formalism unifies various forms of statistics and algebras, which were earlier considered to describe different systems. Besides, the formalism allows us to construct many new kinds of quantum statistics and the associated algebras of creation and destruction operators. Some of these are: orthostatistics, null statistics or statistics of frozen order, quantum group based statistics and its many avatars, and `doubly-infinite' statistics. The emergence of new forms of quantum statistics for particles interacting with singular potential is also highlighted.Comment: 9 pages, LaTex, Appeared in Spin-Statistics Connection and Commutation Relations, edited by R.C. Hilborn and G.M. Tino, (American Institute of Physics, NY, 2000) p. 16

    A new mechanism for neutrino mass

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    A mechanism for generating massive but naturally light Dirac neutrinos is proposed. It involves composite Higgs within the standard model as well as some new interaction beyond the standard model. According to this scenario, a neutrino mass of 0.1 eV or higher, signals new physics at energies of 10--100 TeV or lower.Comment: 8 pages latex file with 4 epsf figure