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    The X(3872) at the Tevatron

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    I report results on the X(3872) from the Tevatron. Mass and other properties have been studied, with a focus on new results on the dipion mass spectrum in X -> J/PsiPi^+Pi^- decays. Dipions favor interpreting the decay as J/PsiRho, implying even C-parity for the X. Modeling uncertainties do not allow distinguishing between S- and P-wave decays of the J/PsiRho mode. Effects of Rho-Omega interference in X decay are also introduced.Comment: Contribution to PANIC05, Santa Fe, 24-28 October 2005 (4 pages, 6 plots


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    Ahmet ─░hsan'─▒n Servet-i F├╝nun'da tefrika edilen Haver adl─▒ roman

    On the influence of the cosmological constant on gravitational lensing in small systems

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    The cosmological constant Lambda affects gravitational lensing phenomena. The contribution of Lambda to the observable angular positions of multiple images and to their amplification and time delay is here computed through a study in the weak deflection limit of the equations of motion in the Schwarzschild-de Sitter metric. Due to Lambda the unresolved images are slightly demagnified, the radius of the Einstein ring decreases and the time delay increases. The effect is however negligible for near lenses. In the case of null cosmological constant, we provide some updated results on lensing by a Schwarzschild black hole.Comment: 8 pages, 1 figure; v2: extended discussion on the lens equation, references added, results unchanged, in press on PR