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    Analysis of Visual Communication of Telkom University Endowment and Alumni Directorate Based on User Satisfaction Level using The User Satisfaction Index Method

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    Most of the universities in Indonesia, especially private universities rely on tuition fees as the main income for their operational cost., one of the solutions is the Endowment Fund, Telkom university has it, namely Endowment and Alumni Directorate (EAD) of Telkom University. Telkom University has managed the Endowment Fund program, but until now it has not been very successful, because the achievement of the target funds collected is far under target. The results of the initial identification show that one of the main media for promotion is the website of the Telkom University Endowment and Alumni Directorate. In this study, prospective donors were assessed on the appearance, content, and message delivered on the website of Telkom University Endowment and Alumni Directorate using the user satisfaction index method. The result of the USI index is 43.64% of overall user assessment of the website, which indicates that the website is still low. Keywords- Endowment Fund, User Satisfaction Index, WebQual 4.

    Visual Communication

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    This workshop covered: Using illustrations to communicate more effectively Ensuring your use is legal (copyright, licensing, etc.) Search tips to find great free images Creating Illustrations: Maps, MindMaps, Charts, Word Cloud

    Evaluation Factors for Multi-Stakeholder Broadband Visual Communication Projects

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    This paper presents a summary of multifaceted evaluation factors that we have identified through our research with Broadband Visual Communication (BVC) projects involving multiple stakeholders. The main benefit of these evaluation factors is that they provide a general evaluation framework for multiple stakeholder projects. The factors are social infrastructure, technical infrastructure, physical space, interaction style and content

    What are the visual communication requirements of a built environment?

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    This paper explores an aspect of the Built Environment that is part of our everyday lives, yet often goes unnoticed. It is something that is not far away from any vista. It often appears frivolous, and yet can be a matter of life or death. It is very much a part of how people interact with environments on a local, intermediate and global scale β€” interaction that requires highly sophisticated, and at times, quite basic design solutions. It is a subject rooted in communication, yet is subjected to the everyday forces faced by the established Built Environment professions. In short Visual Communication in the Built Environment is a complex subject, and attempts to understand it, and about why and how it happens, are fragmented

    Cross-Cultural visual communication

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    Explores how visual elements, such as ancient symbols and characters, have been used in visual communication across both Chinese and Western cultures. Analyzes existing cross-cultural packaging design examples. Compares packaging from a USA-based food company with a Taiwan-based food company in order to explore whether or not the design decisions communicate with ethnic audiences who are not familiar with these food products
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