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    Growing A Sustainable City?: The Question of Urban Agriculture by Christina D. Rosan and Hamil Pearsall

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    Review of Christina D. Rosan and Hamil Pearsall\u27s Growing a Sustainable City?: The Question of Urban Agriculture

    Gentrifier by John Joe Schlichtman, Jason Patch, and Marc Lamont Hill

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    Review of John Joe Schlichtman, Jason Patch, and Marc Lamont Hill\u27s Gentrifier

    Guidelines for Sustainable Practices in the Rural Built Environment

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    This poster provides information about sustainable changes people can make to better improve their health, community and built environment. From what is shown, this can be done through community gardens, pedestrian access and building certifications. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), climate change will have direct and significant health impacts (1), which the Lancet Countdown identifies as disproportionately affecting at-risk populations.(2) The challenges of geographic isolation and lack of population density in rural and remote areas limits adequate access to basic healthcare services, such as primary care, emergency care, and mental health services. Additionally, the health deficit experienced by these populations is at a greater risk from the health impacts of climate change. This study examines climate resilient and sustainable design’s potential for addressing the health impacts of climate change on remote and rural populations

    Mapping Wilderness Character in Adams County, Pennsylvania

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    The spatial trends in wilderness character in Adams County, Pennsylvania were examined to evaluate how influenced specific areas are impacted by human activity and development. Indicators of wilderness character were selected as natural, untrammelled, undeveloped, along with solitude and unconfined recreation by the Death Valley National Park staff in which a 0-4 ranking system was based upon to portray a range of most degraded to optimal land. This was executed through examination of factors such as abundance of biodiversity and human development within the given area before a Monte Carlo simulation was run to show sensitivity of change. It was found that overall wilderness quality is most optimal along the Michaux Forest boundary and small sections of land on the southwestern and eastern edge of Adams County. Areas that are most sensitive to a change in the weights of wilderness character factors are small sections of land throughout the middle areas of Adams County along the roads while areas of land that are least sensitive to change are mainly the areas associated with the Michaux Forest boundary along the northwestern parts of Adam’s County. It was concluded that an increase in human interaction tends to lead to land that is more degraded and misused for infrastructure purposes

    Trinity Restoration Inc. Theater Design

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    Problems: (1) Sound travels very quick around the curve of the wall creating a disproportional amount of sound on the opposite ends of the arc. (2) Sounds that start in front of the curve gets reflected back to a focal point. The location of that focal point moves depending on where the sound is located. As a result, loud refocused echoes are created at the focal point. When heard, the sounds seem to come from a mysterious place. The effects of the curved walls are extremely strong and need to be addressed. One common mistake is over applying absorptive material to the walls. This solves the focal point problem but creates a “dead wall” problem
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