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    Special Education in China: How Culture Affects Special Education

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    Undergraduate Theoretical Proposa

    The education of children with specific reading disabilities in Western Australia : report to the Minister for Education

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    There are few developmental tasks in a child\u27s life more important than learning to read. There are not many matters which concern parents and teachers more than whether or not a child makes satisfactory progress in learning to read. Parents and teachers are aware that young children soon realize whether or not they are progressing in much the same way as the rest of their peer group. As children move towards the end of primary school and enter secondary school, reading remains a fundamental skill on which so much other learning depends..

    School of Learning and Teaching_COVID-19 Considerations for Special Education Administrators

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    Report from the Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE) regarding considerations for CASE members during the COVID-19 pandemic. CASE is a Division of the Council for Exceptional Children (CEC)

    Enhancing Learning Through the Use of Graphic Organizers: A Review of the Literature

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    According to Meyen, Vergason andWhelan (1996) graphic organizers are “visual displays teachers use to organize information in a manner that makes information easier to understand and learn” (p.132). There are several types of graphic organizers. Some examples include semantic maps, cognitive maps, story maps, concept maps, Venn diagrams and unit organizers. Researchers agree that graphic organizers are effective tools that can improve student’s performance in content areas. Therefore, this paper will delve into answering the following questions: 1. How do graphic organizers enhance comprehension? 2. How can graphic organizers enhance the acquisition of content in Social Studies? 3. Why use graphic organizers in Science? The paper ends with a discussion on the implications of findings, a brief summary and the reviewers’ assessment of usefulness and benefits of graphic organizers in enhancing comprehension and acquisition of content

    Fresh Maize

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    Perspectives on life and education in Zambi

    Retention of Students with Disabilities in Higher Education

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    The following literature review will identify and explore some of the retention strategies identified for students with disabilities in higher education. The paper concludes with recommendations for leaders in higher education

    The Role of Transition Plans for High School Students with Disabilities

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    The purpose of this paper is to analyze a cross section of literature on postsecondary transition plans for students with disabilities and use the data to identify implications for building level administrators. The Summary and Critical Analyses section of this paper consists of a combination of six research and best practices articles on postsecondary transition planning for students with disabilities

    Parent Autonomy Support for Children with Low Achievement and Disabilities

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    Only a limited amount of research focuses on building skills leading to enhanced self- determination for children with disabilities within the home environment (Abery & Stancliffe, 1996; Shogren & Turnbull, 2006), even though families play a critical role in developing the self-determination of their children (Abery & Zajac, 1996; Palmer et al., 2012). According to Shogren and Turnbull (2006), this lack of attention on developing the self-determination of children with disabilities at home, within families, “may detrimentally limit the field’s ability to support children, and families, in developing the capacity for, or for promoting, self- determination” (p. 341). Some research, however, does examine the family’s role in developing the foundations for greater self-determination of children with and without disabilities. Most of this research comes out of the human development field, specifically from self-determination theory (SDT; Deci & Ryan, 1987) research, a theory of motivation and socialization. Before reviewing how SDT conceptualizes the family’s role in developing their children’s self-determination, it is crucial to examine the concept of self-determination in the disability field and SDT. A full discussion of the issues pertaining to this examination exceeds the scope of this paper; this condensed description examines the conceptualization of self-determination in the disability field and the construct’s conceptualization in SDT for the purposes of potentially connecting research on parental autonomy support and the disability field

    Auditory Processing Disorder (APD): Identification and Accurate Diagnostic Procedures

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    The purpose of this paper is to acknowledge APD as a distinct learning disability thereby warranting its own disability category under IDEA. Secondly, this paper explains the heterogeneous nature of APD and the likeliness of co-occurring disorders associated with APD. The negative impacts of APD on behavioral, emotional, and social development are real and should not be underestimated. And thirdly, this paper urges parents, teachers, and school administrators to understand their role in advocating for correct diagnosis of learning disorders in an effort to provide their students with the most effective early intervention programs and elementary school instruction
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