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    Workshop proceedings: Sensor systems for space astrophysics in the 21st century

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    This proceedings provides a summary of the Astrotech 21 Sensor Technology Workshop. Topics covered include: high energy sensors, ultraviolet and visible sensors, direct infrared sensors, heterodyne submillimeter wave sensors, sensor readout electronics, and sensor cooler technology

    Optical waveguide sensors

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    An overview of the field of optical waveguide sensors is presented. Some emphasis is laid on the development of a single scheme under which the diversity of sensor principles can be arranged. First three types of sensors are distinguished: intrinsic, extrinsic and active. Next, two steps are distinguished in the sensing process: the physical alteration of the waveguide (via geometrical and/or materials effects) and the effect thereof on the guided light (changing phase and/or amplitude of the light modes). The diversity and common features of the field of optical waveguide sensors are demonstrated with the help of many examples.\ud \u

    Giving neurons to sensors. QoS management in wireless sensors networks

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    Public utilities services (gas, water and electricity) have been traditionally automated with several technologies. The main functions that these technologies must support are AMR, Automated Meter Reading, and SCADA, Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition. Most meter manufacturers provide devices with Bluetoothr or ZigBeeTM communication features. This characteristic has allowed the inclusion of wireless sensor networks (WSN) in these systems. Once WSNs have appeared in such a scenario, real-time AMR and SCADA applications can be developed with low cost. Data must be routed from every meter to a base station. This paper describes the use of a novel QoS-driven routing algorithm, named SIR: Sensor Intelligence Routing, over a network of meters. An arti cial neural network is introduced in every node to manage the routes that data have to follow. The resulting system is named Intelligent Wireless Sensor Network (IWSN)

    Enhanced sensitivity subwavelength grating waveguides for silicon photonics sensing applications

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    OSA (Optical Society of America)In this work we will review the enormous potential of subwavelength grating waveguides for sensing applications in the near and mid-infrared bands, demonstrating the capability to engineer the mode profile to maximize the light-matter interaction.Universidad de Málaga. Campus de Excelencia Internacional Andalucía Tech
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